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All Stainless Steel 2 Tone Cable Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

59 Reviews
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This is a two tone cable wire stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet. It is completely made of stainless steel. The 2 - 3000 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets are in the 18k gold plated solid stainless steel M&M shaped ends. This fine quality nickel free magnetic bracelet is made with stainless steel twisted wire.
59 Reviews
By Bo
May 16, 19
Verified Buyer
Very Nice bracelet.
Very nice bracelet at a great price.Enjoy wearing it.
By Max
January 2, 19
It's just a (decent) bracelet, with little magnets. I've been wearing it for a week, and surprise... no change.
By billy cox
July 23, 18
Verified Buyer
I have been buying from Magnet Jewelry for several years. I have always been very satisfied with their products. I buy new just to change styles. They do help my bursitis in my arm.
By Robert Cash
April 27, 18
Verified Buyer
Great product 1st class
Love it 1st class made and fits great
By William Wecker
January 25, 18
Verified Buyer
Magnetic therapy 2 tone cable bracelets
I ordered a pair of these bracelets this time to Mach andamp; they fit well out of the bag andamp; I also have a large magnet ankle chain ,,,, I have been argueing wirh my left knee for years andamp; they want to due a complete knee ( left ) replacement andamp; ive been ducking it but in a short time Ill haft to have it dune ,,,,, I dont know if its mind over matter but I have less swelling andamp; less pain if I ware them ,,,,, I wish to say a special thank you to BOB !!!
By ken grizzle
January 3, 17
Verified Buyer
Cable Magnetic Bracelet
Very nice item and a fair price. Plus it works!!!!
By Hattie Smith
August 18, 16
Verified Buyer
Very Satisfied
Okay I have had my order for awhile. Product is well made. Love both pieces I order. I would gave it a rating of 5. Very satisfied with customer services for handling everything in a timely matter. Thank you will order again.
By Mark Saine
August 16, 16
Verified Buyer
2 tone bracelet
Gave to my wife a week ago and the gold finish is gone. This is the second bracelet she has had and we didn't have a problem with the first one. Very disappointed with this one.Reply by MJS: We are glad to help. Are you sure you are not mixing up styles? This bracelet has a thick gold plating that should not wear away as you stated. We will contact you to help.
By Kathleen
March 21, 16
Verified Buyer
My Husband Loves This Bracelet!
We would rate this a 5. My husband loves this bracelet. He always seems to know by his shoulder hurting that it is time for a new one. Love your products and would recommend them to anyone. Sincerely, Kathleen
By Habib
February 14, 16
Verified Buyer
Terrific to wear and stylish too!
Very nice bracelet. I like that the 18k gold plated stainless steel shaped ends have has not dulled nor faded. It is light, stylish and fun to wear. Men can wear this bracelet and feel confident too. I will probably purchase another one and keep it at the office in case I leave the house without it. It feels strange to have it off once you get used to wearing all day. I am very happy with this product.
By John K
November 20, 15
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel 2 Tone Cable Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
Received quickly and the sizing chart really helped get it right. One minor bend of the bracelet and fits perfectly.
By Randy
September 19, 15
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel 2 tone
Bought one to replace an old one that finally wore out. Shipped quick, looks good, does what it is supposed to!
By BlueOkie
August 28, 14
Great Bracelet
Bought one for wife, helped her so much, bought one for me. Works for us. I figured it was worth the $30 investment, not much to lose and lots to gain
By admin
June 17, 14
Verified Buyer
Thank you
I like the magnetic bracelet I purchased. I ordered it because my sister, who is a nurse, has the same one and said it does work. I found it works for me also. Joints are still a little stiff and some pain, but it is not nearly as bad as it had been.
By Denny Stack
March 25, 14
Verified Buyer
Highest quality
I've ordered three bracelets of different styles. All three are great. Perfect size. Highest quality and at a price that just can't be beat. Thanks guys.
By Richard
January 6, 14
Steel magnetic braclet
Great product. Heard about it form my son.
By Scott
January 6, 14
Two tone bracelet
Have worn one for years and misplaced it. I tried other bracelets and none compared to this bracelet. I believe its the best on the market.
By Dave
May 8, 13
I have tennis elbow, I tried physical therapy, accupuncture and neither worked. Put the bracelet on that my friend loaned me and the pain is virtually eliminated in 1 week. Awesome product
By Linda Brooks
April 28, 13
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
I love this bracelet, it is my 3rd one. I get a lot of compliments on it. I have wrist pain and feel that it helps with the pain.
By Michele
November 27, 12
Verified Buyer
Love it!
Love this bracelet.!!! I'm 35 years old and pretty active. I was having foot pains in my arch. In 2 weeks time I can tell a significant difference in the way my foot feels. I plan to buy one for both my mom and dad for Christmas! If you are skeptical, don't be! Try it!!
By Janet
November 12, 12
Verified Buyer
Review for Magnetic Bracelet
I am enjoying the bracelet. I have never worn a bracelet in my life so I was worried it would bother me. I am very happy with it. I am not one to shop for jewelry but will recommend you to others for that I am sure. I was told recently this helps those who have ADD Attention Deficit Disorder and I do and in great hopes to see help. My life has been too busy as of late to compare but I do feel I see a difference. I will keep you posted on that and will advise others who have to deal with this. Thanks for asking!
By Marty
November 10, 12
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
Very stylish, looks great. I have gotten several nice comments on it's looks. Seems to be helping with shoulder pain.
By Anonymous
October 17, 12
Magnet Jewelry magnetic spiral bracelet
The purchased wrist bands fit very well and the workmanship and durability of the bracelets is excellent. There are three people in my house wearing these with all reporting that these do help with arm, back and neck pain. We all wear one on each hand for maximum benefit.
By Debbie
September 17, 12
Magnetic Bracelet
Great! This is the 'spare' for my hubby. We have had them for over 15 years. Couldn't live without them.
By paul s.
September 4, 12
Verified Buyer
very nice I enjoy this the best so far
By Chris
August 29, 12
Verified Buyer
gold end magnetic bracrlet
My husband loves it. super fast shipping. looks great
By Michael McCaw
August 24, 12
Magnet Bracelet
I bought one of these bracelets 2 years ago and decided I would get another since I assumed that the magnets would be getting weaker with time. When the new one arrived, I compared the magnetic force of each bracelet and found the old bracelet had not lost hardly any of it's magnetic force. Since this was the case, I started wearing both bracelets, one on each arm. I was surprised to find that wearing a magnet bracelet on each arm produced a big improvement in my lower back pain. I have worn the two bracelets for about 3 weeks now and the result is still the same: two bracelets are better than one.
August 11, 12
Verified Buyer
My husband had one and lost it. I just replaced it. He loves it......
By Jean Gentry
April 11, 12
Magnetic Bracelet
By Benjamin D. Grote
April 10, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I felt the price was a good deal, as most are the same that cost three times as much. And YES, I O BELIEVE THEY DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! I will probably order more, as I wear one while working, and would like another everyday, as they look very nice. THANX! BNJ
By Steven Bond
February 21, 12
Wire Magnetic Bracelet
Just wanted to say that the stainless steel braclets work very well. i have ms an have lower back an hip pain but with in 2 hours of wearing mine i have very little pain also robert was very helpful on explaining things to me. will by from seller again.
By steve
December 16, 11
Magnetic bracelet
very quick shipment also good quality i have ms an with in 2 hrs of wearing my aches an pain from ms went away so no pain meds would highly recommend to any one with ms will be ordering more very good an honest company.
November 16, 11
Magnetic bracelet
By Dave Scrapchansky
October 27, 11
Verified Buyer
Gold End Magnetic Bracelet
Great Product. Great company to deal with. My 3rd. one really works.
By joe
October 9, 11
Verified Buyer
it is great quality
as advertised..nice quality. would recommend
By Judith Bihn
September 25, 11
Verified Buyer
Steel G
The procedure to order and receive was very simple and shipment was in a timely fashion. The product was excellent.
By white buffalo
July 20, 11
Verified Buyer
Works like a charm!
Purchased this bracelet for my husband who usually is quite skeptical about such things. He's been suffering with arthritic pain in his wrist and thumb. Within minutes of putting on the bracelet, he is virtually pain free. He's not a jewelry kinda guy, but hasn't taken it off since.
By Craig S.
July 7, 11
Verified Buyer
S.S. Gold Bracelet
Good looking bracelet and it seems to be very well made. Too soon to rate pain therapy, I've had a long bout with upper back pain. I use to live near where this company makes the jewelry and it has been nice to do business with Magnet Jewelry Store.
By Zeb Vance
June 26, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Excellent fit ( I have a large wrist, too ), great quality and excellent price - would buy again - I feel it has already helped with some muscle and ligament pain. I alternate wearing it with the Sergio Lub magnetic copper bracelet (722) I also purchased from you ( I have only had them both now for about 2-3 weeks and already feeling the benefits.) Thank you.
By Raymond Ghilino
June 25, 11
Verified Buyer
Gold end magnetic bracelet
it helps with my hands
By sonny
March 21, 11
Verified Buyer
magnetic bracelet
very nice looking and good pain relieve
By Ron
March 7, 11
Good bracelet, Fast shipping, Great Service. Thank You We Bought three to date!
By Patricia
February 11, 11
magnetic bracelet
My husband and I both love our bracelets! They are so light, you hardly know you're wearing them. We just talked about giving them to our friends as gifts! THANX!
By Annette
January 31, 11
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
It came very quickly and was just what I wanted. It fit perfectly and I hate taking it off. I'm not sure I'm getting much relief from the arthritis in my wrist or not, but at least I'm not taking any pills for pain and my situation is not getting worse. Thank you so much!
By Dave Westerback
October 27, 10
Verified Buyer
I ordered this item for a co-worker. He loves it and claims it does work. He is very proud of it. Thank you again for all your help.
By Gena
September 19, 10
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I recommend the All Stainless Steel bracelet. I love my bracelet, I wear it everyday!
By joseph brumwell
September 10, 10
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelets
August 4, 10
Verified Buyer
Excellent service, perfect size, looks nice, only have had a week hoping it will help the arthritis in my right middle finger,unable to swing a golf club. I would recommend this site.
By Patti
August 2, 10
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet All Stainless Steel Gold End
Prompt delivery and product is exactly what i was looking for - love it!
By Paul Kunkels
August 1, 10
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Gold Magnetic Bracelet
Bought one few years ago in Scottland, but lost it, but was very delighted that I could buy a new one at you site. I'm very pleased with this item and your delivery was the fastest I've ever known form the USA. Thanks
By Alan Dox
July 3, 10
Verified Buyer
Excellent Product and ship
good bracelet, excellent,fast ship,good price
By Howard
April 13, 10
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Way too small for my wrist so gave it to my wife and she loves it. Reply by MJS: We are always glad to exchange size if the magnetic bracelet you received does not fit properly.
By Bikram
April 8, 10
Verified Buyer
Good product and excellent service
The size was right and it looks good on the wrist as well - nice design. I'd advise people to ask about what size would suit their wrists as different bracelets sold on here having varying degrees of elasticity.
By Valerie
September 8, 09
Excellent Customer Service
The size was perfect, thanks to an inquiry from Bob in customer service. The bracelet is of good quality, and like that the magnet ends are flatten for more comfort. VERY HAPPY!
By John Crowe
May 19, 09
This is a quality product
This is a quality product
By Robert Y
May 19, 09
Excellent Product!
Excellent Product and Service, Fast Ship, Friendly - Highest Recommendation!
By Lawrence Sideris
April 8, 09
Very honest seller
Very honest seller, went the extra mile for his customer
By Martha C.
March 9, 09
Wonderful and brand new with full instructions.
By Donna DiPalma
March 9, 09
Excellent product
Great, quick courteous service. Excellent product quality. Thanks!