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All Stainless Steel Cable Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

52 Reviews
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This is a silver cable wire stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet. It is completely made of stainless steel. The 2 - 3000 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets are in the polished stainless steel knobs on each end. This fine quality nickel free magnetic bracelet is made with stainless steel twisted wire.
52 Reviews
By Donna
June 9, 19
Verified Buyer
Silver silver twisted stainless steel bracelet 3000gauss
I believe heart and soul this bracelet helps with my discomforts. I have some mild arthritis that has pain in my fingers. I dont rely on meds for pain. I have told my family dr I get relief wearing my bracelet. He looked surprised. But pain is something you dont make up. I wear it to bed and during the day. I have another older one like it but this one has a stronger gauss. I can see the difference. I will definitely keep wearing these helpful items. They work but you must wear them not just a few days. Mine doesnt come off unless I shower. Oh yes it looks like a expensive jewelry. All I can say now for the very reasonable price is try it!
By Debra Cook
May 22, 19
Verified Buyer
This is a gift and has not been given yet. It does look really nice and the shipment was prompt.
By trish
March 16, 19
Verified Buyer
stainless steel cable bracelet
works very well. Within a few days of putting it on pain is down. have arthritis in hip back and wrists. Pain is reduced in all places. Looks nice too. Thank you for having such a great product. Fast shipping too.
By Ann Denne
July 28, 18
Verified Buyer
Good Choice
Helps with the pain and pretty too!
By Nancy Taylor
December 12, 17
Verified Buyer
Pretty and nice ss braclet
this bracelet fits great and is very pretty - delivered fast - love it - thanks
By Fay
April 22, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
Love it.
By Kathryn Sperry
May 14, 16
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Cable Magnetic Bracelet
No Doubt - Five Stars. The actual bracelet is more attractive than the picture and for therapy, I can feel a difference in the tightness of my arm. Definitely recommend.
By elizabeth
February 25, 16
Verified Buyer
Your bracelet has all different kind size, is so great for us, The smaller arm woman. Appreciated! And the style also very beautiful!
By Pat
September 2, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
Very beautiful I think it might be helping
By Paul Whiteside
July 29, 15
Verified Buyer
stainless magnetic cable bracelet
Very happy with this bracelet have purchased them prior but not on this site will be a returning customer.
By Connie J
June 11, 15
Verified Buyer
I love it , this is my second one, I got a medium this time and I wear both of them all of the time. I love them.
By Connie
June 1, 15
Verified Buyer
great bracelet
I ordered the small the first time , I love it but it is a bit small so I got a medium this time . I love them both.
By Suzanne Winge
March 16, 15
Verified Buyer
Very Satisfied
Dear Sir, Very satisfied with magnet bracelet. It fits perfectly, is very comfortable to wear and is doing the job that I had hoped it would do. I have no pain in my right wrist that I had broken very badly in 2007. I would rate this product a 5.
By Wanda Nichols
November 2, 14
Rating of bracelet
Love, love, love it. I bought one for myself and one for a friend and we both think they are awesome. Looks like a really nice piece of jewelry and also it works. Thanks again, and I will do future business with your company.
By Brenda Mosley
October 10, 14
Verified Buyer
stainless steel magnetic bracelet
the bracelet is exactly what I wanted and is of a very high quality and arrived on time and fit perfectly
By Ray Dumont
August 18, 14
Stainless steel wire magnetic bracelet
Shipping is excellent, it's fast, free and it fits great, looks awesome. Great company to deal with, nice people.
By M Darnett
August 4, 14
Verified Buyer
Like the bracelet. fits well. price good.
By kevin
July 24, 14
Verified Buyer
All Stainless Steel Wire Magnetic Bracele
This was everything that was advertised, no skin discolor and it fits well. I'll be buying one for my wife. thanks
By Lewis Walter
May 8, 14
Verified Buyer
My Bracelet
Almost instant pain relief in right hand. Beside looking good, it works. I recommend it to anyone with arthritic pain in hands and arm joints. I wear mine day and night only removing it to shower or wash hands and arms
By Sally Foster
April 30, 14
Verified Buyer
Pain is gone
I purchased a stainless steel magnetic bracelet a couple of months ago. My right hand has nerve pain and arthritis. Upon wearing the bracelet for about a week, I noticed the pain abated. The nerve pain is gone, and the arthritis, clearly evident in slightly disfigured fingers, is gone, too. I wear the bracelet all the time, day and night now. Thanks so much.
By Linda Foster
March 27, 14
Verified Buyer
Better Balance
I have two with one on each wrist. It took about two weeks or so but I have better balance and seems my artheritis is not as severe...
By Jeff Boswell
February 1, 14
Verified Buyer
Stainless steel bracelet
I ordered this bracelet to help reduce pain in my shoulder, and let me tell you it does make a difference. It does take a week or two though. Shipping is also great!
By Jennifer
January 17, 14
Review Title
I bought this bracelet to go with an outfit that I had and I love the simplicity of the design and the way this fits. It isn't too heavy and doesn't bother me or weigh down my arm to wear it and, although I didn't purchase for the magnetic benefits, I have actually noticed an improvement in my wrist. Usually after work, my wrists would feel tired, but that seems much less frequent when I wear this piece. Overall, I love it and am so happy with my purchase.
By Mike McCaw
August 26, 13
Verified Buyer
bracelet review
These twisted wire bracelets are great for helping with my back pain. This is the third time I have bought some from Magnet Jewelry and now my whole family wears them. They are very durable and fit well when the instructions on fitting them is followed. Having two matching bracelets seems to help more than having just one bracelet. Thanks a lot to Magnet Jewelry for making these great bracelets available at a really great price.
By Matt Brandolini
June 20, 13
5 Stars
5 of 5 stars!
By john
January 5, 13
Verified Buyer
all stainless wire bracelet
very nice quick delier. very comfortable. great for bowling and golf
By Cheryl
November 20, 12
Verified Buyer
Great Bracelet!
This bracelet has helped my wrist and hand pain-Thankyou for the fast service!
By skeptic
August 13, 12
Verified Buyer
ss Magnetic Bracelet
I have had the bracelet for about a week and I have to admit that I have noticed a difference in mobility/pain reduction. I also purchased the #3 ankle bracelet. I am satisfied with the products and I would recommend anyone to give them a try. The bracelet and anklet are good quality.
By MaryAnn Welz
March 5, 12
Verified Buyer
magnetic bracelet
I had one for a long time but lost one of the magnets, so went on-line to try to replace, found your company and walaah!! am so happy with my replacement and would recommend your product to anyone.
By Corey
February 21, 12
Verified Buyer
I bought 2!
Your company does an exemplary job with quality: both in shipping and product craftsmanship. I have one stainless steel bracelet on each wrist, and I am rather surprised at the gradual improvement of my arthritic condition. Rather comfy and handsome as well. Well done mjs!
By Jim Cresto
January 23, 12
Verified Buyer
I am impressed with the fast delivery. My pain is nerve related and cannot tell if there is any difference from the bracelets.
By Emily
October 17, 11
magnetic bracelet
Im very happy with this bracelet it works for me. I highly recommend this product the price was reasonable and quick shipping!! I will be ordering more!!
By Kathy
August 22, 11
Verified Buyer
nice look
bought for my husband - looks good on him ; not sure how good it is helping his aches and pains...
By Zeb Vance
July 14, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
VERY good quality - great price - very good fit and I have a large wrist - this is my third bracelet like this I have ordered and I would recommend these bracelets ( also the gold end ones ) to anyone - I also received these very quickly in the mail - no problems here - thank you.
June 25, 11
Verified Buyer
stainless steel wire magnetic bracelet
i believe it really helps Especially With my back.
By tammy wagaman
June 7, 11
Magnetic bracelet and ankle bracelet
I love them both. My elbow was killing me I lift things all day at work. Now it doesn't hurt as much. And the ankle bracelet helps my leg to. I broke my leg in 2001. And it helps my leg. Thanks! Tammy!
By Carol
May 16, 11
Verified Buyer
Wire Mesh Bracelet
Have been wearing this bracelet ever since I unwrapped it from the package. It feels great and I have noticed an improvement on the hand that it is on. Very pleased! Thank you so much!
By Juli
January 5, 11
Verified Buyer
Love the bracelet
Found this for myself when I was ordering another one for my hubby. It's the perfect bracelet and what it does is additional benefit. I hate having to take it off at all! Thanks!
By Chris B.
January 2, 11
Verified Buyer
Great Product
Not only does it have style, it wears great and I can already feel a change in my arthritis. MJS sent the product in a timely manner as well! Great quality for the money! Keep up the good work!
By Nancy Renzulli
September 22, 10
Magnetic Bracelet
So far my bracelet is working fine. I don't have to wear the ugly brace I was wearing.
By Naomi
May 15, 10
Verified Buyer
Wire Magnetic Bracelet
Ordered this for my husband but ended up wearing it myselt. Fits very well. Great company to work with. Quality merchandise for nominal price. Will definitely order again.
By Anonymous
March 1, 10
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Looks better then on site. Fast shipping. Great quality for the money.
By Terri
January 23, 10
Verified Buyer
Great product
This is absolutely great. Flexible to put on but still sturdy. Great magnetics too.
By Angel
July 28, 09
Great Product
My husband has been wearing it for a few weeks and says he feels great...
By Mark Rubensohn
April 1, 09
Great product
Great product
By Raymond Grivetti
April 1, 09
Great Item
Looks great. Fells great. Priced right. Lightning fast shipping as well. Thank you.
By Viviane Cardoso
March 13, 09
Great deal!
Great deal, fast ship, THANKS
By Jeffrey T
March 10, 09
Nice bracelet.
Nice bracelet. Good price. Thanks,
By Jack
March 9, 09
Excellent Quality
Excellent Quality!
By Jayme W.
March 9, 09
Beautiful Product!
Beautiful Product!
By Tom L.
March 9, 09
Really like this bracelet.
Really like this bracelet....Very good people to deal with!! Thanks
By Lisa
March 9, 09
This is a great bracelet.
This is a great bracelet. And pleased with very fast shipping.