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Hematite Magnetic Therapy Anklet Saturn

Item Code: ANK3-BLACK
12 Reviews
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This custom made to order hematite magnetic anklet is made with 6mm x 12mm rice and 4mm & 6mm round high power therapeutic hematite magnets and a super high power hematite color 5000 gauss neodymium rare earth magnetic clasp.
12 Reviews
By Lisa
May 16, 19
Verified Buyer
Powerful Tool for Grounding and Protection
The magnetic hematite anklets help me to feel grounded, safe/protected and more at home in my body!
By Mary Self
April 17, 19
Verified Buyer
Always positive results
Your products have never failed to bring positive results for people we have shared them with for minor aging aches, migraine headaches, or even touch of arthritis. My last testimonial was for a former co-worker (my retired boss) who was complaining of a constant neck ache his wife also chimed in that she had heard of magnet therapy before but never tried it. I assured them your products were the best we had found, a powerful product we have kept in our home for years and have tried other magnets but found them of a lesser quality or power than your jewelry. Within two days of starting to wear your jewelry they called to say they thought they were realizing an improvement in their aging aches. The wife was so thrilled that the jewelry was not only working it was also attractive. You've hit it out of the park with your continued desire to provide the best quality product as a therapeutic option. Thanks also for your continued prompt attention to each order with expedient shipping.
By Gail G
April 23, 17
Verified Buyer
Love my hematite anklet
I also love my hematite anklet. Many of my friends love it. You company is wonderful how you take the time to make sure each bracelet fits perfectly. I also like all the information you have on your website about magnets and which kind you have how to take care of them. I'll be ordering another stainless steel xoxo anklet and some rings. Thanks for caring about your customers. Gail
By F.T.
October 2, 16
Verified Buyer
Hematite Magnetic Therapy Anklet
Love the Saturn design. Excellent quality. I feel it really helps my joint pain. I have ordered from Magnetic Jewelry Store before very happy with service and quality of jewelry.
By Chris
June 18, 16
Verified Buyer
Hematite Magnetic Anklet
I am very pleased with my purchased anklet. It is very comfortable to wear and seems to be helping with knee pain and swelling of my lower leg. The customer service was awesome and it arrived sooner than expected. Highly recommend.
By Sue
July 15, 14
Verified Buyer
Hematite Magnetic Anklet bracelet
I am very happy with the bracelet. I got two of them for problems with my knees, and the pain has left.
By Caroline Shipley
July 29, 13
Verified Buyer
magnetic anklet hematite
Attractive, right size, arrived promptly. I expect it will help with discomfort.
By Dana Young
October 19, 12
Verified Buyer
Magnetic anklet helps my restless leg syndrome tremendously
I bought these to see if they would help my restless leg syndrome...I had tried everything I could think of, so thought why not? They have actually help tremendously! I never would have believed it! I got 2, both with 5000 gauss in the clasps alone, so even though they have helped, I am thinking I should get the ones with 5000 g's in each bead. Anyway, it was well worth the money.
By Tammy W.
August 18, 11
Hematite Magnetic Anklet
Yes we love it!
By Roberta Windsor
August 18, 11
Hematite Magnetic Anklet 3
I am very happy with my purchases. I thought they helped me so much I recommended them to several others. They had me purchase some of the order for them. They are very strong and stay on great. I had ordered one a little small and they fixed it for me very fast. Thanks a lot.
By Judy Szeman
June 18, 11
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Ankle Hematite ANK3
Great anklet bracelet. People think I have a tatoo untill they look closer. I love to take it off easily and show people how easy it is to wear!
By Mary A Maines
March 9, 09
Review Title
Awesome anklet, already helping...many thanks as always!!