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Hematite Magnetic Therapy Anklet Turquoise Saturn

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This custom made to order hematite magnetic anklet is made with 6mm x 12mm rice and 4mm round high power hematite therapeutic magnets and genuine Turquoise beads and a super high power hematite color 5000 gauss neodymium rare earth magnetic clasp.
3 Reviews
By Wilma Lamont
January 16, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Anklet
I bought an anklet like it several years ago but it was the stone tiger-eye. The tiger eye anklet has a larger locking magnet on it which I like much better. I hope I dont lose this new one due to the smaller magnet. Thank you,
By Ann
July 22, 13
Anklet broke
I loved my anklet but it broke after only a few months of normal wear. Apparently the super Strong polymer cord is not so super strong. Very disappointed, i hate to think that I will have to buy another one every few months. It seems they only post the good reviews. Reply By MJS: We post all actual reviews that are reviews of the product(s) themselves as you can see by this posting. We are sorry you did not contact us directly. We may have been able to repair. We understand this was a Christmas gift from about 7 months ago from your previous correspondence which also said: I received a turquoise and hematite anklet for Christmas 7 months ago and loved it, but it just broke........ So, I guess they only last for about 6 -7 months. Too bad, I really liked it and it seemed to reduce arthritis pain in my foot. We are glad it helped your arthritis. We have no way to contact you without your info. It is true that hematite requires special handling as we state on our site and with your order. Hematite and rare earth magnetic clasps do need to stay dry for example. Maybe Stainless Steel Magnetic jewelry which is more durable may be more suitable for you.Sorry you did not give us the chance to help.
By jeet
September 1, 10
best magnetic anklet
the best one 4 my angel