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Splendor Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

19 Reviews
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Copper bracelets are a wonderful way you express yourself in a heathful way. This solid copper therapy magnetic bracelet is no exception. Styled in burnished copper with floral splendor. This bracelet has 6 powerful 3000 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets and stainless steel magnet caps for added durability. It is made nickel free. This is a unique design and suitable for any occasion.
19 Reviews
By Eleanor c Dickson
January 22, 19
Verified Buyer
2copper magnetic bracelets
I love them! I don't even know they are on my arm and I wear them to bed also. I've worn hematite magnetic bracelets for 5 years to eliminate painkillers and thought I'd try copper now so I have 2 copper bracelets on one arm and a hematite bracelet on the other. I am a forever customer.
By Tracy
December 17, 18
Verified Buyer
Love It!
My order arrived within a few days. Put the bracelet on immediately and have not take it off since. My coworkers liked it so much that I ordered two more just for them. I loved the personal touch of a hand drawn smiley face on the packing slip! Made the order feel more personal. Thanks! I will definitely be a return customer!
By BO Beauchemin
June 3, 18
Verified Buyer
Beautiful bracelet
Wife loves it!
By Dot Morris
March 17, 18
Verified Buyer
Splendor Copper Magnetic Therapy Braceket
I really like the Splendor bracelet. I don't know if it is all in my head or not but it seems to be helping my shoulder pain. This is my first time to wear one and I also like the looks of it too! My late husband swore by the copper for his arthritis...said it worked so I'm hoping it works for me too with the help of the magnets. Love my copper fish ring too.
By Leslie
February 5, 18
Verified Buyer
The bracelet is beautiful, I'm giving it a 4 star at this time because it has not started helping me yet, I've only had it on going on 2 weeks.
By Bette
November 16, 17
Verified Buyer
Splendor Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
Love the bracelet. It is helping my bursitis!
By Theresa Veet
June 8, 17
Verified Buyer
Splent copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
My boy friend bought it for me , It didn't work for me at all. Reply by MJS: Have you read the included instructions? Do you have the correct size and are the magnets resting against your skin? Are you wearing it all the time? If we can help, please let us know.
By Michele M
June 5, 17
Verified Buyer
Love the look
I'm going to rate this piece a 4. It's higher than I would rate in regards to my overall health experience. However, I do love the looks of this bracelet. As far as appearances, it is a 5. As far as how it fits, i would also give it a 5. You were right on, in the description as far as that goes. For functionality, only in my personal experience, I would give it, maybe a 2. I haven't experienced a decrease in my migraines when the barometric pressure drops. I haven't worn it long enough to accurately say whether it lessened the pain. That being said, many treatments I have tried have helped others, but not me. I believe this is definitely worth the try and if it doesn't work, you have a very cute, stylish piece of jewelry! Costs less than most of my migraine treatments I have tried! I still plan to try a necklace to see of that has any affect.
By Jessie from Charlotte
July 28, 16
Verified Buyer
Personal Experience from Jewelry
I bought 3 bracelets all together. One for my 94yr old mom, husband and self. Since I wear my all the time, to bed, in the shower, everywhere. I can attest that I am more emotionally balanced THAN BEFORE. I used to be a walking-panic-heart-attack stressful person. Since wearing these magnetic therapy bracelets, I am more optimistic, positive and mild mannered. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. My magnetic jewelry means more to me than my diamond jewelry. : )
By gary prieskorn
June 29, 16
Verified Buyer
copper bracelet
better than i expected, wife took it and put it on her ankle...........i had her take it off and re-moulded it to fit my wrist....perfect fit, completely satisfied.
By Pat Troyka
December 1, 15
Verified Buyer
This bracelet is wonderful
I work as a cashier in a busy grocery, and many of my higher seniority co-workers have carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm hoping that copper/magnetic therapy bracelets will curtail it happening to me. This bracelet is beautiful, and I thought the price was very reasonable. It looks just like the picture, and had a very swift delivery time. I am vey happy with this purchase.
By Karen Graham
September 28, 15
Verified Buyer
Love the bracelets
Love the bracelets, sent one to my son in Australia, he loves his too....reasonably priced too...thank you! Karen and Jake...
By Carol Hutchens
August 10, 15
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love the bracelet. Besides being pretty it actually works for body discomforts.
By Kathlene Tucker
May 14, 15
Verified Buyer
Splender Copper Mag. Therapy Bracelet
We bought 3 and they seem to work my hands are less painful the more I wear them. Thanks for making them and they are pretty too.
By Louise
May 9, 15
Verified Buyer
I purchased the Splendor Copper Magnetic Therepy Bracelet. Love it. It is very pretty and you don't even know you have it one, it's that comfortable.
By cynthia stephens
April 24, 15
Verified Buyer
I just love it, after one day of wearing it the pain in my hands disappeared. great buy
By Jerrie Bell
April 9, 15
Splendor Therapy Magneti c Bracelet
This really works for arthritis! I have worn since I received the bracelet - have not taken it off! My pain is gone!
By Marshall
March 25, 15
Verified Buyer
Perfect! Order came quickly and as ordered.
By Ana Pettit
February 18, 15
Verified Buyer
copper bracelet
Bracelet was beautiful. Had to return it because my friend saw another copper bracelet on the same website and wanted it instead. Very good quality and looks great! Sorry my friend saw another one! Highly recommend!