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Copper Adjustable Magnetic Therapy Ring Fish

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8 Reviews
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This is a nickel free copper magnetic adjustable ring is styled in burnished copper with the ancient Ixthus fish symbol. It has a 1500 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnet on each end. It will fit small to medium finger ring sizes about 6 - 9.
8 Reviews
By MerciaAnn Hatton
February 20, 19
Verified Buyer
Ring fish
I enjoy the looks of the ring and the positive comments by friends. I noticed an exceptional difference when wearing my copper/magnetic jewelry. Thank you so much.
By Patricia James
July 21, 16
Verified Buyer
Work so good.
I would give your product the fish rings 5 stars +. Since they worked so good I keep wondering I if could make something up that might work on my dogs. They are Golden retrievers the in their golden years their back legs are getting a little stiff.
By Bubber
July 13, 16
Verified Buyer
Works Well
5 star works well will buy another
March 6, 16
Verified Buyer
Attractive and They Work
I have terrible arthritic pain in both my thumb joints and have worn copper rings on each for several years with fairly good results. However, I have to admit having the addition of the magnets with the copper has made a big difference. Thumb joints very quiet since wearing them. highly recommend. love the fish design.
By J. Christopher Whitmire
June 26, 15
Verified Buyer
Solid Copper Adjustable Magnetic Ring
I have been wearing my ring since I received it (about a week or 2) and can already feel a lessening of the arthritic pain I have been having in my finger joints. I only wish that the ring was available in a little larger size, as this on e is a little uncomfortable on my finger. However, I am getting used to it...
By Sue
January 10, 15
Verified Buyer
magnetic rings
My friend and I are very pleased with our purchase of your rings.....
By Bonnie
October 11, 14
Verified Buyer
Solid Copper Adjustable Magnetic Ring Fish
A nice quality ring, that is adjustable. I can wear it on any finger. It also looks presentable as a wedding band, and the fish design makes it complete! I have noticed less stiffness in my fingers and wear it all the time.
By Bonnie
October 8, 14
Solid Copper Adjustable Magnetic Ring Fish
A very comfortable ring. I wear it all the time, except for bathing as it has helped with my stiffness.