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Triple Twist Cuff Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

30 Reviews
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This is a wonderfully crafted tri color copper magnetic therapy bracelet. This therapy bracelet is made with three solid metals that are all made from copper and has no color plating. It is made with with pure copper, brass(about 85% copper), and German silver(about 60% copper) and it has 2 powerful 3000 gauss rare earth bio north facing magnets. It also has stainless steel magnet caps for added durability. This stylish magnetic bracelet is made nickel free and is about 1/3" wide.
30 Reviews
By Barbara Budman Dickman
May 21, 19
Verified Buyer
Magnetic therapy bracelet
My pain was relieved almost immediately.
By Veronica
April 19, 19
Verified Buyer
I thought I would try this to help my aching hands, and back. I like it very much .will get other things in the future
By Dan Tatro
December 1, 18
Verified Buyer
Bracelet Tri-Cuf
Great product
By Maya
August 18, 18
Verified Buyer
This was a nice surprise. The bracelet is well made, good quality and and the three colors are distinct and shiny. I ordered a small size, the size chart has a link on their website. I am a female. The small size is adjustable without changing the shape of the bracelet. I am happy with this bracelet. As far as seeing results, its too soon, but I always believed copper helps the body tunes even if the contact is only for few minutes a day.
By Dianne
August 18, 18
Verified Buyer
My wrist joint arthritis has lessened
This is my second Magnet/ Copper bracelet. I have worn one or two of them every night for a couple of years, and as a result, my wrist joint arthritis has lessened considerably. Thanks so much!
By Larry Mason
July 24, 18
Verified Buyer
Magnet bracelet
Very nice product
By Sandra Lowen
May 24, 18
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I came home tired and achy after a harder than usual week. Put my new bracelet on this morning. It fit great and is very pretty. But it was not long before I realized my shoulder, which has been hurting for months now, had stopped hurting. I also had a lot of energy all day, and was surprised at how great I felt Ive heard about the magical quality of certain metals and magnets. Maybe its just coincidence, but in case it isnt, Im planning to get another bracelet. The price is more than affordable. This is a great product!
By Laila
May 1, 18
Verified Buyer
Twist cuff bracelet feedback
It's great!!! I love it! It gave lots of energy. My arthritis pain is going away. I will order another for mom. Thank you!
By Charles Juris
April 22, 18
3 color twist with magnets helps me
I got mine on Sept 1, 2017 on eBay. I ordered the wrong size and Bob was very nice to help me out. I didnt want to simply have a boring solid copper on my wrist, this is very colorful and I have had lots of compliments. I wear it on my R hand. I have had several elbow surgeries and I do not have full range of motion. I am not in any pain. If you have any questions before you buy, I only heard about copper for pain and I was not really positive and Bob did not do a hard sale, he shared the difference in the products that I was looking at. They went out of their way to make sure I was happy!!! Thanks guys!
By Michael
March 22, 18
Verified Buyer
Great service. Bracelet so far so good
By Edwina
February 4, 18
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Love it. Fast service. Will order again. AAA+++
By Rick Kohler
January 24, 18
I like my bracelet and it works.
By Carol D Riggio
January 11, 18
Verified Buyer
Love my bracelet
My bracelet is performing as I expected! My arm feels great and I can do my daily workouts and lifts without pain. It is beautiful and I wear it daily .
By Dawn R
December 30, 17
I ordered my bracelet and I got my confirmation of the order. I immediately realized I may have ordered the wrong size. I emailed your site to explain my problem and my wrist size. I was on vacation on the west coast and thought your office was closed. To my surprise, Bob sent me a reply and assured me my order would be changed to the correct size. I received my bracelet today. The size is perfect and I am so impressed with the beauty and quality of it. This is jewelry as opposed to my old copper wrist band! I can wear it with any outfit! Your site has been bookmarked on my ipad for referral to my friends.
By Richard Edwards
December 2, 17
Verified Buyer
Love this Triple Twist Cuff Magnetic back fells better after one week of wearing it
By Glen McDaniel
December 2, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnet bracelet
I really like my bracelet it so comfortable and it is the right size.l have arthritis in my legs and hips because l work in the freezer and l feel this is helping me. Thanks again foe the wonderful bracelet.I\'m thinking about getting my wife one too.have a bless day......
By Charles A. Fisicaro
April 13, 17
Verified Buyer
Great bracelet
I'm very happy with the looks a quality and it seems to be helping the arthritis in my right hand. :)
By Brenda k
January 26, 17
Verified Buyer
Wonderful! Thank you!
By Carlos Cabrera
December 8, 16
Verified Buyer
Items from Magnetic therapy bracelete
Ecxelent quality,look like and confort.Help me to reduce pain muscular arm,shouldel and back.
By Jamie H
December 7, 16
Verified Buyer
This is the second one I have purchased! Great quality and very pretty! I have had tennis elbow and golfers elbow for ove a year and I might be crazy but I have been wearing this for two months and pain is gone! Who knows...
By Georgeann Mercer
December 2, 16
Verified Buyer
Very Nice
Very nice look and it does adjust to fit my wrist when I wear them I use them together I like the wider look.
By Pamela
May 31, 16
Verified Buyer
Love this product
This bracelet is fashionable and effective. it took a week to get adjusted. my wrists are very small but I was able to squeeze it tight enough to fit. I gave it 4 stars for fashion and effectiveness. would definitely buy another product from this website and company.
By Batista
March 1, 16
I love this product
i have been wearing this bracelet for a while now and i love it.
By Margie
December 7, 15
Verified Buyer
Triple Twist Cuff Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
I love it! The triple twist is perfectly crafted and very attractive. I am right handed and wear it on my left arm. I has a long lasting shine and has not tarnished much it all. It is made well and has some weight to it. I am pleased.
By Bari DuBois
November 28, 15
Verified Buyer
Credit the bracelets
My husband and I have worn your magnetic bracelets for many years. I just needed a replacement for one that was looking old and I liked the tri-color one for dressier situations. We wear our bracelets continually. We are in our early 70s and are for the most part free of any pain, which I believe we can credit the bracelets for. Thank you for asking.
By Janet Jones
March 4, 15
Like the products a great deal - noticed some variety on your website as well as great pricing;even if the magnet aspect of it wasn't helpful (but it is), their really lovely; I'll be back for more in the future.
By pedro hdez.
November 7, 14
Verified Buyer
magnetic braselet
i like it, i loved
By Antonio Burgos
May 10, 13
Verified Buyer
for my aunt
I purchased this item, for my aunt in Florida. i mailed it to her, she got on may 9,13. She loved it
By Nancy Green
July 15, 12
Verified Buyer
Quality Product
Love the design. Very fast shipping, no problems will order again
By Tammy
June 8, 12
Verified Buyer
Triple Twist Cuff Magnetic Bracelet
I have been wearing this bracelet for a little over a week, I have fibromyalgia and have been having lots of pain in my wrist. I do type all day 8hrs at work, so far, I am very pleased with the bracelet, I have been a lot more comfortable and painless since I have been wearing it. I also like the way it looks its really pretty.