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Triple Twist Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

25 Reviews
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This is a finely crafted solid copper magnetic bracelet. This therapy bracelet is made with three solid metals all made from copper including its pure copper base. Styled with gold & silver twists, it has 6 powerful 3000 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets and stainless steel magnet caps for added durability. This nickel free solid copper magnetic bracelet is about 1/3" wide.
25 Reviews
By Betty
October 12, 17
Looks good,feels good and helps with pain
By Karen
December 8, 16
Verified Buyer
I bought this as a Christmas gift so I can't say how well it works but is beautiful and heavy.
By CindyD
April 18, 16
Verified Buyer
Love this
So happy to have a bracelet that fits! I have a tiny wrist and usually am not able to have a bracelet of this type fit! I love this style and the combo of metals. It's too soon to tell, but I think this is helping with some inflammation!
By Jo Anna Miller
April 7, 16
Verified Buyer
Love the bracelet
I love the bracelet. Excellent service. 5 rating!
By Kathy
August 22, 15
Verified Buyer
Triple Twist Copper Magnetic Therapy bracelet
Bought this as a gift for my sister. She loved it , and so did her husband. This is a solid bracelet with a beautiful design.
By S.P.
June 26, 15
Verified Buyer
Beautiful bracelet! I ordered two bracelets and this one was for my daughter. I am wearing mine all the time and my hands are less painful. Thank you :-)
By Shirley R
June 13, 15
triple twist copper bracelet
Love this bracelet. Really pretty. Have worn a copper bracelet for years and I have NO arthritis....this is the nicest one I've had.
By 5 stars for our bracelets
September 22, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
5 stars for our bracelets
By Lori
September 8, 14
Just received this item in the mail and the picture on the web really doesn't do it justice because it is BEAUTIFUL in person! I just started wearing a copper/magnet bracelet about 6 weeks ago for pain in my elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrists. I can't say enough how wonderful and quick the magnets helped with my pain!! If you are on the fence about trying one of these, you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it. If all else fails, at least you'll have a beautiful bracelet.
By Susan M.
August 3, 14
Verified Buyer
Triple twist bracelet
LOVE IT !!! My favorite piece of jewelry..beautifully made and I got relief from stiffness and soreness in my hand and arm. Wearing it under my work glove on the assembly line.
By Regina Lurz
December 30, 13
Verified Buyer
Triple twist magnetic bracelet
It works well but the sizing is way to big II have to bend it alot to get it to fit. Reply by MJS: We are glad to exchange sizes. Just send us a message if you wish to exchange.
By Anonymous
October 6, 13
Verified Buyer
Triple twist copper mag. bracelet
Love it. My only complaint is I wish they came just 1 size smaller. Reply by MJS: We are glad to exchange styles or sizes if you wish.
By Virginia Anderson
September 19, 13
Worked within a day
I give it more than 5 of 5 stars. It works. I have arthritis and take Cat's Claw to reduce inflammation in my joints. However Cat's Claw does not seem to work on my digits. Especially my index finger which pains me quite a bit. I do alot of embroidery, cross stitch, crocheting and quilting. Consequently my fingers get very painful. The bracelet worked within a day of wearing it. I am very pleased with my purchase. Also the pricing was very reasonable. If I could, I would give it 10 stars out of 5. Thank you
By Raymond
May 5, 13
Verified Buyer
Triple Twist Copper Magnetic Bracelet
A beautiful bracelet, the picture does not do it justice.
By Donazel Meyer
January 13, 13
Verified Buyer
Beautiful, have lots of compliments.
By vanessa
November 6, 12
Verified Buyer
Triple Twist copper Mag Bracelet
I bought a bracelet that was all cooper and it was boring looking compared to this twisted copper bracelet. The twisted bracelet is really pretty and goes with all my jewlery. I've been wearing the bracelet for about 2 weeks, you must use the special jewlery cloth to keep it nice and shiney.
By Marion
October 8, 12
Verified Buyer
Triple Twist Copper Magnetic Bracelet
I think copper may have a placebo effect. I don't care. It helps my wrist discomfort. PLUS: This bracelet is beautiful. Multiple colors can be worn with all metal jewelry: gold, silver and copper.
By BA Brooks
September 17, 12
Verified Buyer
Triple Twist Copper Magnetic Bracelet
Love it, love it, love it... What more can i say. Will be ordering more for my friends. It really works and is beautiful. Thank you so much.
By cb
July 31, 12
varified customer
overall nice quality made product and seems to help my pains
By trell
July 31, 12
copper magnetic bracelet
fast shipping ,nice qaulity, comfortable fit ,easy to clean and keeps its shiney finish ,
By Jennifer J
July 26, 12
Verified Buyer
Very pleased with quality and fit
I am very pleased with both this bracelets quality and the fit. I tend to be a bit sensitive to metal and yet I have had no issues with this bracelet. This is a quality item and a very good price.
By Nancy Green
July 15, 12
Verified Buyer
Great Product
Fast Shipping. Quality Product, Love the design, too early to tell if it is helping my wrist problems.
By tim wells
February 23, 12
Verified Buyer
Very pleased with this item and your prompt delivery,thanks Tim Wells
By Sarah Cassidy
February 21, 12
Copper Braeclet - I love it!
I love my triple twist copper magnetic bracelet, and Im hoping itll help with my arthritis. The bracelet is attractive with silver and gold accents, so it can be worn with everything. Ive worn it for 3 weeks now and it hasnt turned my arm green.
By Snowflake
November 18, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Something's helping... wore this for a week, and my arthritis pain is significantly less.