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Gold & Satin Silver Twist Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

31 Reviews
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This is a finely crafted solid copper magnetic therapy bracelet. Styled in 18k gold and satin silver, it has 6 powerful 3000 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets. This 18k gold & silver plated nickel free copper magnetic bracelet is about 1/3" wide and has stainless steel magnet caps for added durability.
31 Reviews
By Susan vermillion
January 12, 19
Verified Buyer
Gold and satin silver twist copper
I love it!! The bracelet is good quality and absolutely stunning! The photo does not do justice to its beauty. I am so happy with it and great price!!
By kathy nimrichter
April 26, 18
Verified Buyer
Review Title
good quality and fits good
By Debra Kramer
March 1, 18
Verified Buyer
Review Title
It is a gift so really can't tell, but is attractive. Pleased with it. so far!
By Suzanne Winge
April 10, 17
Verified Buyer
Love my new bracelet
Love my new bracelet. I now wear one on each wrist as well as a necklace which really helps with my arthritis in my neck. All three products work very well for me. I bought a bracelet for my daughter and she gets relief as well. I recommend your site to many people.
By Joyce Miller
November 5, 16
Verified Buyer
I love the bracelet
I love the bracelet - it was beautiful. I do aquacise 3 - 4 times weekly for my arthritis and getting into the pool has diminished the vibrancy of the silver. I now wish I would have gotten two - one for the water and one to wear all the time. It has seemed to relieve some pain so far. Hoping it will do better as time goes by. Thank you, Joyce Miller
By Jessie from Charlotte
July 28, 16
Verified Buyer
My Personal Testimony of this Item
I bought 3 bracelets all together. One for my 94yr old mom, husband and self. Since I wear my all the time, to bed, in the shower, everywhere. I can attest that I am more emotionally balanced THAN BEFORE. I used to be a walking-panic-heart-attack stressful person. Since wearing these magnetic therapy bracelets, I am more optimistic, positive and mild mannered. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. My magnetic jewelry means more to me than my diamond jewelry. : )
By Donna Faldyn
June 25, 16
Verified Buyer
pretty and useful
I was surprised at how fast this bracelet arrived. It looks very nice--bends slightly to fit my small wrist--and made my left wrist feel better. A win/win!
By Glenna Johnson
February 3, 16
Verified Buyer
Can tell the difference!
5 stars for both bracelets! Can tell the difference w/it on
By Alfred Rezendes
December 11, 15
Verified Buyer
Loves it
My wife loves her magnet bracelet!
By Mississippi Girl
December 7, 15
Verified Buyer
I was given a bracelet similar to this one from this same company. It worked great. I ordered this one a size smaller since the one I had was a little to big. I don't understand what it does but I don't care either because I don't hurt like I used to. My husband is wearing the other one now. Works great!
By Deborah Bougie
May 14, 15
Verified Buyer
Thank you!
I love your products and when I've had a problem you have solved it.
April 27, 15
Verified Buyer
Great bracelet
I love this bracelet. It has prevented my arthritis from hurting in my lower back. I can do activities that use to cause me pain, without pain while wearing this bracelet. I might add, the bracelet is also very pretty.
By Shirley
April 17, 15
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I purchased this bracelet because of arthritis in my left wrist with hopes of relieving pain. When I received the bracelet I was pleased that it is actually prettier than the photo shown. I purchased the small size and it fits nicely. The pain in my wrist was gone within 12 hours of wearing it. I have not taken it off yet.
By Rita Hargett
July 31, 14
Verified Buyer
Love them
Love both my bracelets and the ring.
By Michelle
December 27, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Besides looking WORKS! My hands fall asleep from time to time, and the bracelet stops that almost immediately.
By Anonymous
September 19, 13
Reduce joint pain in my wrists.
I rate this 5 star even though I get some color from the copper. the magnets pretty much reduce joint pain in my wrists.
By Ann Harder
January 19, 13
gold and satin bracelet
I am very happy with this braclet. I do believe it is helping the joint pain I have in my thumb plus it looks great. Also, the customer service is outstanding. I had originally ordered the triple twist cuff but then changed my mind. I sent an email and no problem getting things switched around. Both bracelets were the same price so that made things even easier.I am going to order link braclet from. Great products and truly outstanding customer service.
By Sharyn Tieszen
December 26, 12
Verified Buyer
gold and stain silver trist copper magnetic bracelet
I gave it for a gift and my friend loved it! Now we wait and see if it helps her arthritis. Either way it looks very nice on her wrist!
By Gary Peters
September 18, 12
Verified Buyer
Great Deal
Great deal,I gave this to my mum and it's a great relief from her symptom.
By Alice Svoboda
August 29, 12
Verified Buyer
Copper magnetic bracelet
I had originally ordered the Gold and Satin bracelet but after reading the sizing directions was concerned that I had ordered the wrong size. The lady I spoke with on the phone was most helpful and changed the order accordingly. I am very satisfied with everything about this bracelet, company, price and shipping. I will order another one.
By Sandra
August 17, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I have been wearing the bracelet continually since I received it in the mail; however, I saw where my arm was gray looking. I believe the metal from the bracelet was discoloring my skin to look dirty.REPLY BY MJS: Skin discoloration is a natural reaction for many people with copper. Many believe the skin color shows you are absorbing the copper. You may prefer stainless steel magnetic jewelry, which will not discolor. We are glad to accept return/exchange if you wish.
By Martha
July 16, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I have been wearing this (nonstop) for a week now and have seen no effect on the pain in my right thumb joint. My husband wears a solid copper bracelet that I tried and it seemed to work on the pain, but not this one. It does look nice but does not have any effect on my pain. Reply by MJS: Have you read the enclosed instructions? We are glad to exchange or refund if you wish.
By russ reid
March 2, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
this bracelet is very comfortable. maybe a little thin so it bends easy, for heavy duty work get a bigger bracelt. bracelet is beautiful. the gold dissapeared in a short time but it still looks good.
By Pete Garston
January 17, 12
Verified Buyer
Regarding the gold and silver copper twist bracelet, I could not be more pleased. I alternate between wearing this one and item # 22. They both get compliments and I will soon be able to evaluate their magnetic benefits after the pain from my shoulder surgery dissipates. I enjoy the jewelry values of each. The level of service represents the epitome' of how a business should be run. Thank you very much, Pete
By Diana
December 4, 11
Verified Buyer
Great pick
Very fast shipping and hassle free shopping. Item looks exactly the same in person as online. Very satifsfied with my purchase.
By Sam from Australia
August 18, 11
Copper Magnetic Bracelet Gold Silver
An honest Rating 5 all around.
By Cecelia Mc
June 3, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I've always had a magnetic bracelet but not with copper. I love it! Reasonably priced. Great company to order from.
By Sandy
January 8, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Purchased for a Christmas present and the person wearing the bracelet just loves it! You would never know it is copper bracelet..has a designer look.
By Joe Ward
September 22, 10
Reduces aches and pains
The workmanship is excellent and I actually believe it's helping reduce some of my aches and pains. So far I've ordered 2 more for gifts and plan to purchase some other designs for myself.
By Bonnie Klohs
July 6, 10
Verified Buyer
I love this magnetic bracelet!
I love this bracelet! If fits very well and WORKS too! I'll admit I was skepticle at first, but I have switched it from arm to arm if I had trouble with a particular side, and found that it DOES make a difference. Good value and looks great with either white gold or yellow gold jewelry too.
By Katherine Anderson
October 19, 09
Beautiful copper bracelet and works.
Beautiful copper bracelet and works.