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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Black Titanium 4 in 1

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This is a stunning black titanium magnetic therapy bracelet. Lightweight & durable, this titanium therapy bracelet has 4 wonderful things going for it, so we call it 4 in 1. This style has the following 1) 3300 gauss bio north facing magnets(silver), 2) Germanium(Black), 3) , Far Infrared Ray technology(Red), and 4) Negative Ion technology(white). We hope you will enjoy this wonderful bracelet that combines 4 technologies that are believed by many to help our bodies naturally in many different ways. The information below is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. We make no overt or implied claims for effectiveness, health, cure, treatment, or mitigation of any condition. Far Infrared Ray is believed by many to help the body detoxify and maintain vitality. Negative Ions are believed to promote better metabolism and balance in the body. It is believed that they may improve the body's functioning in many ways including the immune, cardiovascular, muscular, and circulatory systems. Germanium is believed to help in many ways including the immune and circulatory systems. Many believe it may also help with fatigue, improving sleep, detoxify the body, and pain conditions. Neodymium magnets are believed by many to help in many ways including circulation and reducing inflammation and pain conditions. Order yours today. today.
3 Reviews
By Dan
May 21, 19
Verified Buyer
Really love it!
This was my second bracelet from My last one I purchased in 2010 and lasted much longer than I thought it would (I'd still have it but the clasp finally wore out and I lost the bracelet). Takes my wrist and elbow pain away almost immediately!
By james fressel
April 12, 19
Verified Buyer
it could have been 1/8 of an inch longer.
By Jim Allen
March 28, 19
Verified Buyer
Love it. No complaints