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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel Silver XOXO

87 Reviews
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This is a very popular solid stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet. It has matte silver O centers with shiny silver X accents, and is about 1/4" wide. This magnet bracelet has a powerful & permanent 3300 gauss neodymium rare earth north facing magnet in each link.
87 Reviews
By Mike Berseth
June 1, 19
Verified Buyer
magnetic bracelet
Clasp was sized wrong on initial order, but replacement item was sent and received yesterday. Great customer service.
By Wendy
January 17, 19
Verified Buyer
Beautiful product
This bracelet is even nicer than it appeared! I've only just started wearing it andamp; I think it's helping with aches. I intend to keep wearing it regardless since it's a beautiful piece of jewelry. So happy I ordered it!
By bill
October 11, 18
Verified Buyer
great company and they take care of their customers even when you have to exchange an item. they ship fast and they offer great products and fair prices. I will buy from them again.
By Becky Morton
October 6, 18
Verified Buyer
Magnetic xo bracelet and anklet
I absolutely love my magnetic XO bracelet and anklet. They truly work for me in helping reduce minor arthritic pain and swelling in my fingers and knees. I recently purchased two more anklets as gifts for a couple of my friends and they are enjoying them. Highly recommend the magnetic jewelry. Sincerely
By Sue
September 21, 18
Verified Buyer
very nice bracelet
The fit is perfect. This bracelet has really helped with my lower back pain.
By Robyn
August 22, 18
Verified Buyer
Excellent product!
I ordered one and loved it so I ordered a second on for my other wrist. They fit perfectly if you go by their instructions. They really do work the way they are intended to and save me from a good amount of pain. They are definitely worth the investment.
By Joseph E Fernando
July 31, 18
Verified Buyer
Excellent Finish
Satisfied with the product
June 21, 18
Verified Buyer
Fast delivery from the opposite side of the world, this bracelet relieved my chronic hand and wrist pain from the minute I put it on. It is comfortable to wear and attractive to look at. As a medical professional I tend to be sceptical about alternative practices, but these magnetic jewelry items relieve my pain.
By Lucy Reed
April 6, 18
Verified Buyer
Love it
Once again, your bracelet has eliminated my wrist pain. This is my third bracelet (I keep wearing them out as I never take them off) and this one is even prettier than the previous ones. I like the etched MJS on the clasp, and the alternating shiny and matte finish on the Xs and Os. Thank you for making this product available.
By A.E
February 9, 18
Verified Buyer
Great Deal
I had previously purchased bracelets for my self and was very pleased. Purchased this for for my wife and she is thrilled.
By Sharron Riiff
August 28, 17
Therapy stainless steel bracelet xoxo
I bought this bracelet because I had a lot of difficultly writing. To my amazement The bracelet really has helped me. I can't believe it. I would recommend this to anyone. My writing has really improved. When I would go write my hand would shake.
By Fay
April 22, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnetic therapy bracelet xoxo
Perfect fit. Clasp is secure.
By Rita
December 19, 16
Verified Buyer
Customer Service Great
5 star rating. Somehow I lost the previous one which was too big (measured according to your instructions- must have erred?) so I reordered this one one size smaller and it fits great. My sister also had the same problem with hers -- too big. Customer service was great.
By Barbara
November 15, 16
Verified Buyer
magnetic s.s. bracelet
I love this bracelet, not only does it look and feel like a fine piece of jewelry, But I swear it helps!
By Sally Clapsaddle
August 15, 16
Stainless steel XOXO Bracelet
I wear one on each wrist to help the pain in my thumbs and it works well. I have 3 friends that went through the surgery for this thumb pain and were dissatisfied. I only get a little discomfort when I lift heavy things. My neighbor tried wearing an old one I had to see if it would help with the tremors from Parkinson's and it appears to help. She has ordered the same one. Thank you for a fine product.
By Sally Clapsaddle
July 12, 16
Verified Buyer
XOXO Bracelet
I love it ! My thumb pain that doctors wanted to correct by surgery is gone. I want to get another one for my left hand and one for my ankle. It's so nice to be pain free. It is comfortable and attractive.
By Shirley
May 29, 16
magnetic therapy bracelet
Just love this bracelet, I put it on and within about two days the pain in my shoulder went away. Great investment thank you.
By Connie
April 4, 16
Verified Buyer
Had to buy
I wear this bracelet everyday. I really do believe the magnets help with muscle pain.
By Missy
January 30, 16
Love love this braclet soooooooooo pretty and it is working wonderful for my achs and pains.
By Patsy
January 26, 16
Verified Buyer
XOXO Magnetic Bracelet
I love this bracelet! I followed instructions exactly regarding measuring my wrist (even though I was inclined to increase it one measurement), and it fits perfectly. It's pretty and feminine and I just love it. The clasp is super tight, so I really have to man-handle it to get it off, but it will definitely not fall off. :)
By Kate
January 19, 16
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy XOXO bracelet review
I have used magnetic bracelets for over 20 years, to control my wrist and hand discomfort from overuse (chopping food, typing, playing the piano). I have gone through several bracelets due to clasps rusting. I recently ordered two XOXO bracelets as I have issues in both hands. What I love most about the XOXO stainless steel bracelets are: they are light weight, attractive, and may be worn 24/7. I do not even take them off while showering.
By Carolee
December 7, 15
Verified Buyer
xoxo magnetic bracelet
Love the bracelet, and the service was great. Any questions answered immediately. Your company the best. I will continue to purchase from you. Thanks Much.
By .Gail
November 17, 15
Verified Buyer
Love this bracelet! Had to return it to be made smaller. Now it fits perfect. Love doing business with this company. Everything is high quality and customer service is excellent! they personally call you on the phone to make sure everything is right, if there is a question. Shipping is very fast. A+++++.
By Candy Spaulding
November 11, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
I love my new bracelet. It's comfortable, beautiful and works. My hands feel so much better. Thank you.
By Donna
October 6, 15
Verified Buyer
Therapy Bracelet
Love it! Works well and looks great!!
By Cindi Huddleston
September 9, 15
Verified Buyer
Love this Bracelet
Love the bracelet! It is very comfortable and has done wonders for my arthritis. I am going to purchase more items from My Magnet Jewelry Store :-)
By Betty
August 3, 15
bracelets and anklets
These bracelets are phenomenal. I have a bad knee (need knee replacement), two bad shoulders and arthritis in many of my other joints. I got an anklet for each ankle, and a bracelet for each wrist for the shoulders and they are working. Can't believe it.
By Darlene Napoletano
July 2, 15
Verified Buyer
Love the bracelet
Love the bracelet, perfect fit and match to the anklet I had perviously purchased. Wear them both 24/7. Very comfortable and stylish. Definately a 5 star rating.
February 11, 15
Verified Buyer
It is a very nice bracelet. I want a necklace to match!
By Lori
January 6, 15
Verified Buyer
xoxo bracelet
A very pretty bracelet and enjoyable to wear. Goes with everything I wear. So far, no headaches either! That's good news!
By Deb
January 3, 15
Verified Buyer
xoxo bracelet
I love it, it is sleek and very stylish compaired to my old bracelet, alot of other ladies notice it and really like its look, I tell them it is a Magnetic therapy bracelet they are impressed.
By Carol Bartels
December 9, 14
Verified Buyer
My Review
I have several of your magnetic bracelets and love them all. I bought this particular bracelet as a Christmas gift for my daughter (at her request), liked it so much that I purchased one for myself.
By Margaret S.
December 8, 14
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
This is the second bracelet I have purchased from your company. I have been extremely pleased with both bracelets. I have noticed the bracelet I have worn for 2 yrs, my hand does not have as much swelling and pain as the other one, that's why I ordered the second one. Now, I have a bracelet for each wrist.
By Diana
October 21, 14
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Love the bracelet. Have had compliments on how pretty it is. I cannot tell if it has help any with joint pain yet but love the way it looks. Would have given 5 stars if I could already feel benefits from wearing it but time will tell.
By Fran
September 8, 14
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
I love it - - Customer service went way above and beyond to help me get the right size / fit. It was delivered even before I had time to enter the info into my checking account - and I now have visible knuckles - - :) Looking forward to doing more business in the future - -
By Norma Mitchell
September 8, 14
Verified Buyer
Love it!
I love the bracelet. The quality and appearance of the bracelet far exceeds my expectations.
September 5, 14
Verified Buyer
It was delivered on time...looks like a nice piece of jewelry...more feminine than it looks..not sure if it does any good but it looks good anyway...I would order it again...
By Joanna
August 6, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
The bracelet is great. It arrived really quickly. I did get an email asking to double check my wrist size. Nice to know they watch out for you to make sure you get a perfect size bracelet.
By John A
July 15, 14
Verified Buyer
Got one for my love and a necklace and second bracelet for her as well. Quick service and great response as well.
By Elizabeth Cody
May 8, 14
Verified Buyer
magneticBraceletStainless SteelStyle32
Comfortable! Attractive, Fits perfectly! Ten Stars!!!!
By Joyce Brahler
April 23, 14
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
The fit is perfect, good quality, fast shipping. I do feel better while wearing the bracelet, in fact I never take it off.
By C. Miller
April 5, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Very pleased with the fit and looks of the bracelet! As always, excellent service!
By E. Devon Wilford-Said
February 14, 14
Verified Buyer
Nice Bracelet
This is a very good product and it fits very well on my wrist. The look and feel of it is very comfortable. I have not yet noticed the effects of the magnetic energy levels yet but it is a fine piece of jewlry.
By Geri
January 1, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
It looks even better in person. I feel it is helping me in the short time I have worn the bracelet. I will be ordering more. Delivery was great.
By Rita Lantz
December 12, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I'm happy with the way it looks -- just like a normal piece of jewelry.
By Alaine
September 8, 13
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
I love the look of this bracelet especially when I need to dress up a little. It feels great and helps me with my knee pain.
By Val
June 26, 13
It arrived very quickly, looks great and fits just right. I wear it regularly. Very stylish, feels wonderful to wear.
By S. F.
April 24, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
My order was processed quickly and I had delivery in 3 days!! Incredible service. The bracelet is well-made and very attractive. I like the matte and shiny silver as they add contrast to each other. I have had aggravating shoulder pain on my right side. I put the bracelet on the day I received it and the next morning, the pain was not there. I am sleeping better, too. I had some circulatory problems causing lightheadedness when I lean over and stand up too quickly. That seemed to go away as well. I am hoping it helps with knee pain from an auto accident. I like that I can wear my bracelet 24/7 without worry of getting it wet. Great product, fantastic company, and excellent customer service. I liked it so much, I bought another bracelet the following week to wear on my left wrist.
By Rita Kelly
November 12, 12
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet Review
I am extremely happy with my purchase and believe it has helped the pain in my hand immediately. I would recommend this to everyone I know.
By Peggy Gibby
November 10, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Request
I am very well pleased with the bracelet and so is my friend I purchased it for. She says she has received numerous compliments of how nice the bracelet looks. For the price it is definitely a steal!
By Pat
November 4, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Love this bracelet!! Ordered it as a replacement for one I lost and it far exceeded my expectations....wear it everyday, and have not had any pain in my legs since I put it on.
September 15, 12
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Magnetic Link Bracelet
Every Day use for this jewelry! Can get it wet at work and still maintains its beauty!!
By Peggy
July 21, 12
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Pretty product , can't tell if it is effective I've worn it for about 2 weeks .Will continue to wear it . I wear it on the same arm as my watch . Nice look !
By Joyce
July 9, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I don't know if the magnets work, because I haven't noticed. But this company is fast and honest with their product. The sizing is perfect, and the bracelet if really beautiful. Fits like a charm. The style is perfect for me. Thanks.! And I always like free shipping!
By Amanda M.
June 9, 12
Love this bracelet!
I've always wanted an X's and O's bracelet. This stylish bracelet not only looks great on my wrist, but also provides the magnetic power that I need. I have ulnar neuropathy which causes pain in the elbow and tingling sensations in my hands. I've had this bracelet for over a week and I've not had any pain or tingling. I wear it all the time; to bed, in the shower, and throughout the day. It's so light that I hardly notice that it's on my wrist. I truly recommend this bracelet to anyone!
By Marty
May 18, 12
Magnetic Bracelet
First of all the customer service is excellent! Now..... I am so happy not to have my entire hand go numb when working at the computer or sleeping! What a difference!Thank you!
By Susan
April 30, 12
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
This was a replacement bracelet of one that I purchased from another vendor about a year ago. Perfect match!
By Heather Hochstettler
March 26, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love this bracelet and will definitely buy another so I have a spare!! My knee feels so much better!! Fantastic people to work with!!
By Heather Hochstettler
March 26, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love this bracelet!! I will definitely purchase another one in case I misplace this one. My knee feels so much better since my bracelet arrived!! These people are incredible to work with and customer service is important to them and it shows!!
By Sherril
February 26, 12
Very Pleased!
The customer service (answered questions promptly), pricing and quick delivery were awesome!! I have been wearing this bracelet and a matching ankle bracelet for a couple of weeks now and have experienced a reduction of pain in my knee and hip and seem to have slightly improved mobility.
By W. R. Martin
November 16, 11
Stainless Magnetic Bracelet
I have found the bracelet to be great fits well and feels great and the best thing is I don't have to remove it to shower and does not turn my wrist colors. Thank you very much.
By Pat
November 2, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Like it very much. Fits great. Wear it 24/7.
By Kathie Hand
September 26, 11
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Fast delivery! Nicely packaged. Beautiful piece of jewelery! It's been almost 2 weeks now, and what an improvement in the headaches I suffer. Helps with energy level and I am sleeping through the night! I recommended you to my mother and father, and a co-worker.
By Anonymous
September 20, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I am very pleased with my bracelet - have only worn it 4 days and can tell a difference in the pain in my hands.It looks very nice, is well made and goes with my other bracelets.
By RP2
August 6, 11
Review Title
Excellent bracelet, well made, very sturdy, easy to look at. Plenty of magnets! Which is the whole reason for wearing it! Very fast delivery as well. This one replaced a stainless steel magnetic bracelet I wore non stop for 5 years. I bet this one will last as long if not longer. Thank you for the service.
By Julia
June 29, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Really happy, love the look, wear it all the time.
By Bonita
April 1, 11
Verified Buyer
Had tennis elbow from lifting grandchild tried meds nothing worked, after wearing bracelet now pain is totally gone!!!..THANKS SO MUCH
By Georgie R
March 21, 11
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
Very pleased with the design and comfort of the bracelet. I wear it fulltime for well being and motion sickness. It works for me!
By Marv
March 4, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I really like it. Wear it all the time. Wonderful customer service. Thanks.
By cindy in IL.
February 17, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I put it on and haven't taken it off.Looks great. The joints in my hands are feeling much better and more flexible. Great product!
By don
December 11, 10
really good item
I have had several compliments on the style of the product. Had several questions on it also. It has help to stop some of the small daily pains I had. Hope it will eliminate more in time as I am on my feet at least 14 hours a day. I have told everyone about this and what it has done me . Great product
By Cindy Hampe
October 4, 10
Verified Buyer
xoxo magnetic bracelet
this bracelet has worked wonders for me. it is very attractive and i might just order more. has anyone ever considered making magnetic necklaces? i would love to try one for neck pain. Reply by MJS: We have a large selection of magnetic necklaces.
By Donna
September 24, 10
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Excellent service very fast delivery, and the qualilty of the the bracelet is very good..Looking forward to the benefits of it....
By Jennifer
September 7, 10
Verified Buyer
Excellent transaction!
Excellent customer service-fast shipping and good communication. The bracelet is very pretty and I look forward to the benefits I will experience from wearing it!
By Karen S.
September 4, 10
Review Title
Love the bracelet. Wear it next to a double strand black bracelet I purchased here also. Never take it off. Really notice a difference in my pain and energy levels since receiving them. Great quality, looks and feels terrific, super fast delivery. Great company to do business with...thanks once again!!
By Chantal
August 1, 10
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I bought the magnetic bracelet and after wearing it for a couple weeks the pain in my left side is slowly going away. The bracelet is made really well and beautiful. Delievry was fast and all the questions I had anwser very fast and very professionally.
By Roxanne Fisher
July 27, 10
Verified Buyer
XOXO Silver Stainles Steel Bracelet
Absolutely beautiful! The picture does not do it justice. Delivery was very fast. I first bought the ankle bracelet. I liked it so much I bought the wrist bracelet. Not only are they beautiful and comfortable to wear, but they helped my arthritus tremendeously!!!! I was going to have foot surgery and am not now. The pain is gone. But I never taken either of them off. Neither one ever turned color or tarnished! I bought one from another company earlier and it pealed and rusted. I have had them over a month now with constant where and still as new as the day they arrived! I will recommend to anyone!! And I will be purchasing more items in the future!
By Wendy Watson
March 4, 10
Helps with rheumatiod arthritis!
I purchased a magnetic bracelet for my 13 year old daughter who has juvenile rheumatiod arthritis and she is already feeling the difference in her wrists. Thank you for taking the time to explain all of your products to me. I will be reordering from you again.
By Leslie
February 1, 10
Verified Buyer
xoxo stainless steel magnetic bracelet
beautiful but no relief yet Reply From MJS: Have you read the enclosed instructions? Are you wearing it most of the time?
By Leon
December 29, 09
Review Title
This product makes your body 3 times stronger within one month. I put it on my hand and i feel such as accelerated motions in my body with make my brain nerves much stronger, i have pumped up the volume of my music- no problem I think its good to put it on your left hand because there are the energy gates [meridians] with are directly connected to your heart. The most wonderful thing is you have only to meditate or don`t think and act bad that it is possible to heal yourself with these magnets. Good price and very fast,free shipping!!!!5 days to Germany, really 5 stars - the bracelet looks really nice and i think this model is also for men!! I want also to say when i put the bracelet on my neck or my back of my body it gets warm there, i think i can explain this of a better blood circulation.
By Judie S.
October 22, 09
Review Title
I received my xoxo bracelet three days after I placed my order. It fits perfectly. I am wearing it on the same wrist with a box chain from Tiffany, and I have to tell you, nobody could tell that my new bracelet isn't quality sterling. I may be speaking too soon, but I do believe that I am experiencing some arthritis relief already! All in all, I am extremely pleased with this item and would recommend this company to anyone who wanted a magnetic bracelet.
By Maryann
August 18, 09
Prettier than expected.
This bracelet is much prettier than I expected. Looks great on! I'm very happy with it. Company was very efficient and product came very quickly. Very pleased!!!
By Lois Kendall
July 9, 09
Very pleased
Love the size of the bracelet and that I can wear it all the time. I do feel better.
By Deborah
June 25, 09
The braclet has a nice weight - looks beautiful and the magnets are strong. Fast shipping too.
By Brenda J.
March 23, 09
Beautiful bracelet !
Gorgeous bracelet. Looks and feels very expensive. Smooth, satiny feel to it. Slightly too large due to me measuring wrist incorrectly, but still wearable. Can wear for casual or dressy. Reply by Magnet Jewelry Store: We are glad to re-size at no charge if you send back.
By Carrie Watson
March 10, 09
These guys are awesome!
These guys are awesome and go above and beyond to make sure my orders are right.
By Dana M.
March 10, 09
Very pleased.
A very attractive bracelet and very pleased.