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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel 2 Tone XOXO

109 Reviews
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This is a stylish gold & silver solid stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet. It has matte silver O centers with shiny 18k gold X accents, and is about 1/4" wide. This magnet bracelet has a powerful & permanent 3300 gauss neodymium rare earth north facing magnet in each link.
109 Reviews
By Debbie Melms
March 30, 19
Verified Buyer
Beautiful Bracelet
I received my Bracelet and I love how it looks on me. I have been wearing it for 1 week only so to early to tell if it is working. I just received 2 steroid shots in my wrist and thumb on 2/12/19. I am hoping that I can go a year before getting another shot instead of every 4-6 months.
By Susan Shippey
November 6, 18
Verified Buyer
Beautiful Relief!
Beautiful bracelet, The two tone goes with everything! The magnets run entire length of bracelet arthritis pain has quieted in hands. Great customer service-thank you Bob!
By Roy Fleshman
October 14, 18
Verified Buyer
Great place to buy magnetic bracelets
The bracelet is what I was looking for. It fit the way I wanted, and it does what I want. I won't buy from anyone else.
By Betty
August 6, 18
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
Bought this bracelet because I think it is pretty andamp; comfortable to wear all the time, even in shower. Never need to remove since it is nice with gold or silver. I didnt buy it thinking it would help with arthritis although it might help some. Sizing was perfect according to sizing chart. I wish I could afford to buy several for gifts.
By Pam Pennington
July 3, 18
Verified Buyer
Love it!
The two tone bracelet looks so smooth and is comfy on my wrist. My husband and I both have magnetic bracelets and they help our arthritis in our thumbs and wrist. Thank you!
By jan
June 13, 18
Verified Buyer
A friend got me a bracelet for my arthritic hand....I was skeptical but it really helped. I got another for my other arthritic hand and it's much better as well. Takes about a week to notice the difference. So I got an knees are very arthritic and hurt all the time. I bought 2 ankle bracelets and was skeptical that they would work....after about a week, they are both much better!!! They work for me!
By Simon Robinson
April 4, 18
Verified Buyer
Perfect gift!
This bracelet was bought as a gift and the recipient was absolutely thrilled!She said it looked really expensive,was well made and fitted perfectly.I was really appreciative of the efficient service and fast delivery,not to mention the very competitive pricing.I highly recommend this store.
By Deborah Bougie
February 8, 18
Verified Buyer
Good product
Great merchandise and customer service
By Barbara L Rhoades
January 19, 18
Verified Buyer
Gold and Silver Magnetic Bracelet
I have always worn the andquot;beadedandquot; magnetic bracelets and thought I would try this one. It is dressier than the beads and perfect for when I attend a party. I don't need someone to help me put it on.
By Margaret Owens
January 10, 18
Verified Buyer
Magnet Bracelet
Nice style
By Diane Shewmake
December 3, 17
Verified Buyer
I never take my bracelet off and feel better. It's an attractive bracelet and I've received many compliments.
By Danette Overstreet
October 20, 17
Verified Buyer
Review Title
My bracelet came very quickly and it has been delightful. Very lightweight and dressy. Pulls the pain from my osteoporotic hip Im most pleased
By John
December 18, 16
Verified Buyer
Very Happy
By Candy
December 6, 16
xoxo bracelet
I love my bracelet. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I wear it just about every day. I had a problem with several of the magnets and the service department took care of it even though I've had my bracelet for 3 years!
By Maiti Schorr
May 16, 16
Verified Buyer
review this item
I thank you for a great looking and great feeling bracelet... I had to switch it from one hand to the other for a view days... that's how powerful it is. I love the looks and the price. Its only too big... but I think i will buy an other one just like ir ans aske for smaller size. When i have an other one... I will send this one in. Unless i can find a trustworthy place to tank out a link. Thank you for a great product. Reply by MJS: We are glad to resize for you or it can also be resized at a jewelry store. We will contact you to help.
By Elaine
March 23, 16
Verified Buyer
The two tone bracelet is beautiful and comfortable to wear.
By Love my things.
February 19, 16
Verified Buyer
Carole Heffner
Love my things. Last bracelet was for a gift and very much enjoyed.
By Jane Casler
February 8, 16
Verified Buyer
I am very pleased!
The bracelet I ordered is very nice and fits perfectly. I am very pleased.
By Elena Zapien
January 19, 16
Verified Buyer
Love My Bracelet
Definitely a 5 star product and service. Love, love, love my new bracelet. Have since purchased one for my husband and now the dilemma is that many of our friends want one. I will purchase additional bracelets for some and give others the web site info so they may enjoy also.
October 27, 15
Verified Buyer
Love this bracelet
I love this bracelet. It is good looking, comfortable to wear and golds with gold or silver. Also, it helped with the pain in my foot. It did not take the pain completely away, but it decreased the pain.
By Lona
October 4, 15
Verified Buyer
OXOXO Bracelet
I really am very glad that I purchased this. It really seems to help with the arthritis is my hands.
By Pam Schaefer
October 4, 15
Verified Buyer
We bought this as a gift for my Mother-in-Law. BEAUTIFUL! Perfect size, shape, and weight. She LOVES it!
By Sharon
October 3, 15
Verified Buyer
Love the bracelet. Is very attractive; will take some time before I know if it works on my arthritis but they have before so I am expecting similar results with this one. Fast delivery and a very nice price!
By Elora
September 29, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet and Anklet
I have a anklet and bracelet and love them both. They have helped me so much with my pain so much. I tell everyone about the magnetic's... Family members have ordered... ELM
By Sylvia G.
September 1, 15
Verified Buyer
2-tone xoxo therapybracelet
This bracelet is working wonders!! It makes me feel good; it looks good. I have an allergy to nickel. Before I ordered, I read thru some of Magnet Jewelry Store's suggestions for the types of metals. They suggested stainless steel because of my alleregy. I could not be happier with my order which was delivered more quickly than I expected. If I could, I'd give the Magnetic Jewely Store 10 stars rather than 5!
By Anne-Marie Hill
August 13, 15
By Patricia C
July 26, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Stainless Steel 2 Tone XOXO Bracelet
This bracelet looks terrific and appears to be helping with arthritis pain. I have a necklace from another magnetic jewelry company, but feel the ankle bracelet and bracelet I wear on my wrist(from MJS) seem to do a better job.
By Herrick
July 15, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
Love it wouldn't be without it
By Robert Scheer
July 13, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel 2 Tone
Had one sent to my sister-in-law, she has problems with her hands do to arthritis, said she had it on right wrist a couple of days now she has full movement in her hand, she loves the bracelet and wants to get another one.
By Thala
June 30, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel 2 Tone XOXO
I love this bracelet. I hurt the middle finger on my left hand years ago and as I've gotten older it has gotten worse. The pain kept me from sleeping and even grasping items. When I went for a blood draw I was unable to make a fist. Within a couple of days, I could almost make a fist and now a few days later,I can even do needlework as well as make a fist. The pain is GONE! WOW! I can even stir a batch of chocolate chip cookies. My grandkids are thrilled!
By Tony T
May 18, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel 2 Tone XOXO
I bought a magnetic bracelet from MJS and was so pleased with it that I ordered one for my wife. I've been wearing a magnetic bracelet for years and have felt significant relief from arthritic pain. The magnets in MJS bracelets seem to do a better job than other brands I've worn. My wife suffers from painful arthritis in her hands so I offered to buy a bracelet for her to see if she would get the same relief as me. After a couple of weeks of wearing it I asked her if she felt it helped. She said she didn't think so. One morning over the weekend she came running to me saying that she noticed that she didn't need to run hot water over her hands the first thing in the morning to ease the pain. Now she too, is a magnetic therapy believer. And, MJS is our store.
By Barbara
April 24, 15
Verified Buyer
SS bracelet XOXO
This bracelet is perfect to wear with any other jewelry, fits well and comfortably, and looks great!
By Ron Trusievitz
April 20, 15
Verified Buyer
These are great and last for a long time.For the price this is a great deal
By Debbie
April 2, 15
Verified Buyer
5+ excellent products and customer service.
By Bobbie M
February 12, 15
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel 2 Tone
I absolutely love my bracelet! I lost my magnetic bracelet that I had worn for 3 years. I had been without one for about a week when I found your site. By this time, my whole body was hurting, especially my legs. I ordered this bracelet and received it within a week. I could tell a difference within 2 days! Not only does it work, it is very lovely! I have received several compliments and I am giving people the web site. Thanks!!
By Linda C.
January 21, 15
Verified Buyer
I love my bracelet! I bet 12 of my friends have bought one as a result of my sharing with them the benefits of this bracelet. I get compliments on its attractiveness and then when I tell people about the benefits of the special magnets, it is a no brainer! The customer support is great. Thanks!
By Susane Nyberg
December 5, 14
Verified Buyer
magnetic therapy bracelet
After wearing the bracelet for over 3 weeks I have determined that it does have benefits. I took it off for a few days and did notice a difference. At this time I am going to order another one for my left wrist. Great product
By Linda
September 8, 14
just received my bracelet it looks so nice on, no one will realize it is a magnetic bracelet . 0rdering a 2nd one soon.
By Carol
September 7, 14
Verified Buyer
I get most wonderful, and good comments on it. They do not know it is a magnet bracelet at all, I Love it!
By rachel Lussier
August 14, 14
Verified Buyer
good and very prompt service
By RobinP
August 6, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Luv this lady magnetic bracelet, with the gold and silver tones, it goes with every other piece of jewelry combination I have, fits good, hangs well and I recognize wearing magnetics for my own medical benefit. I'd recommend this piece.
By Carol
July 29, 14
Verified Buyer
magnet bracelet
I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. I'm a firm believer in magnets; they really do help take away the pain. The chart for measurement is a MUST mine fits perfect.
By Chris
July 24, 14
Verified Buyer
love this bracelet
I find this bracelet is extremely comfortable for my sensitive skin. Stylish and goes with everything. Fast delivery too.
By Cheryl
June 2, 14
Verified Buyer
5 stars great bracelet very nice
By Audrey Van Veen
May 20, 14
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet is prettier than I expected. I'll definitely order from you again in the futute.
By Diana Kijner
May 16, 14
I love it and it has helped relieve the pain in my ankle, they really do help lessen arthritis pain. I bought this anklet and bracelet in silver and gold for myself and another one for my mother. They not only look good they work, Thank you very much.
By Debsibilio
May 10, 14
Verified Buyer
perfect bracelet
dress-up, dress-down, perfect for any occasion.
By melvin hacker
March 25, 14
Verified Buyer
Nice bracelet
By Edna Mowery
March 22, 14
I posted a review last week noting the bracelet I ordered broke within a week. That was true but the company sent me a new one within days. Can't fault the service and I expect the bracelet will help with the carpal tunnel problems.
By Mike
January 18, 14
Verified Buyer
Great experience, Return Customer, Braclet is the best one yet for problem free and stylish. 100% Recommend!
By Dan Brill
December 31, 13
Verified Buyer
Very happy with the magnetic bracelet. The fit was just right. Product arrived right on time.
By Layne Lisser
December 21, 13
Great Gift
My loved her first one, which I bought her in 2011. It sadly fell off this year while hiking in Yosemite. Great looking, and comfortable to wear. Sizing chart helped me pick exactly the right size.
By Roberta
December 5, 13
Verified Buyer
Good service
I have had a very positive experience with this company. The bracelet is beautiful and I am very pleased with it. I believe it is relieving my arthritis pain some. I love wearing it. The company is very accommodating if there is a problem. I would recommend it to anyone.
By Betty Ann Herndon
October 24, 13
5 stars
I received my bracelet today and it is just so pretty. It is a perfect fit for me. I do hope this will help with my painful hands but if it doesn't, I'll wear it all the time anyway because it is so pretty. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. Betty Ann
By Shirley Tegtmeyer
October 21, 13
Verified Buyer
rate magnetic bracelet
Love it
By Kathy Bonnet
September 19, 13
Thank you
I received my his and hers bracelets today, and I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love how it looks. I ordered stainless steel as your recommendation was that it was durable, and okay to get wet. I love it so much, I am finding myself protecting it from water! It is so shiny! It is the perfect size too. Hopefully it may help with my painful knee as well! I received such great customer service from you, that I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this bracelet! Thank you.
By Kim
September 13, 13
Verified Buyer
Love it...
I ordered this bracelet and received it in very short time! Kudos for that. I have arthritis in my thumb and was receiving shots for pain and taking OTC pain medication. The pain was with me constantly. Since wearing the bracelet I have not had to take any meds and most days I don't even think about my thumb. The quality is great...the size is perfect...and have received many compliments on it.
By Martha
September 5, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I like the bracelet to wear, but I haven't noticed relief for my thumb pain yet. I wear it all the time, but I think it needs one link taken out, but haven't called to find out how to do that. I appreciated the customer service and prompt delivery.
By Donna K
July 31, 13
Review Title
I absolutely love this bracelet! The magnets provide relief for my wrist pain (repetitive action trauma) and the bracelet is beautiful, very well made, sized to fit my wrist perfectly, and a great value. Also, the customer service provided by this seller is outstanding! I highly recommend this product and seller.
By Carol
July 16, 13
Verified Buyer
very nice
This is my third bracelet..I tend to lose one every other year. I switched styles. Beautiful. Recommend highly.
By marie casanova
April 27, 13
Verified Buyer
I am so thrilled with the lack of discomfort I feel since wearing the bracelet. Thank you so much. Also thank you Lucille for being so polite and kind on the phone.
March 19, 13
Verified Buyer
By Sgray
December 26, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Love it! I have worn magnetic bracelets for several years and they really help with my arthritis pain in my hand. I highly recommend them. Style #33 is my favorite!
By Eileen
November 25, 12
Verified Buyer
I would give it 5 stars but I have had two bracelets unlatch and never found. Other than that, I am very satisfied and hope to order a different style soon just for variety's sake. I believe it helps, and besides, it sure doesn't hurt to wear one. Reply by MJS: Not sure if your latch problem was from bracelets purchased elsewhere? If you receive a bracelet from us and the latch does not stay closed, let us know right away.
By B.Cook
November 17, 12
Verified Buyer
magnetic braclet
This is a very attractive braclet of high quality. Although the braclet hasn't helped my particular situation I keep wearing it as I really like the design and appearance.
By W Fuller
November 12, 12
Love it!
Five stars for both products. Love them both!
By Anne Rayburn
November 12, 12
Verified Buyer
Carpel Tunnel relief
I would definitely go with 5 stars. I must say I was really impressed. I have carpel tunnel to the point where I really need surgery, but just can't afford it. A friend told me about the magnetic bracelets. I received relief within a couple days...not 100%, but I was in constant pain. My friend told me the longer I wear the bracelets, the more improvement I will see. I have no doubt, after the effects already. Since I also have issues with my back, along with osteoarthritis, I anticipate purchasing other pieces from you in the future.
By kelly johnson
October 16, 12
Verified Buyer
Nice style, a little big even though I measured my wrist very carefully.Reply by MJS: We are glad to re-size your bracelet if needed. See our shipping and returns page for instructions how to return for re-sizing. Link jewelry can also be re-sized at most watch repair or jewelry stores.
By bzzygal
September 16, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
By Carol B.
August 22, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Another winner! This is my second sterling silver Magnetic Bracelet but a different style. I have arthritis in my thumb and the bracelet seems to help with the pain. I like to switch bracelet styles every once in a while so I love them both!
By pat
July 4, 12
Verified Buyer
just what i was looking for
I love it perfect size
By Linda Lembke
June 25, 12
Verified Buyer
Pain relief!
This bracelet has reduced the pain and swelling in my wrist and my range of motion rotating my wrist is increased. Pretty to wear. Will keep wearing the bracelet 24/7 and hope for even more improvement. Great customer service when I needed help with measuring. Fast shipping also. Thank you! Highly recommended.
By Jacquie Marshall
May 21, 12
Verified Buyer
5 star rating
Thank you for all your help with the bracelet I purchased from you. Have given your website to others and hope they will contact you. Thanks again for your patience and kindness. Sincerely JM
By Janet Casey
May 12, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
very attractive, received alot of compliments on the style. Also helps with my carpal tunnel and arthritis. Would recommend to any one. Thanks.
By Jacquie Marshall
May 8, 12
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
Thank you again fo all your help with my bracelet. I really love it and it is doing the job.
By Suze - Oakland
May 2, 12
Verified Buyer
Healthy Jewelry
I love the fact that this bracelet is made of stainless steel so that you can wear it all the time. I find that the ache in my upper arm is not so severe when I have the bracelet. on. Furthermore, it is a stunning piece of work. Customer service here is also top notch, from delivery to follow-up. It is good to know that some business still take pride in what they do.
By Maria
May 1, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I purchased this bracelet because I am having pain in my left arm (received a steriod shot in it a week earlier) so bad I couldn't wear my watch. A few hours after wearing this bracelet all my pain disappeared. (not kidding). That same night I received it and my pain went away, I purchased another one for my other arm. i have trigger thumb on side, once again the pain is gone. I am due to have surgery for that thumb, but I am going to still wear it after surgery to help stop the pain. I am a first time buyer of this kind of stuff, my dad told me to try because he swears by it. Well so do I.
By very happy
April 13, 12
This Magnetic Bracelet is very nice. And like other has said before me it is so much nice in person then the pic.
By Annie M.
April 11, 12
Stainless Steel magnetic Bracelet
I was very happy with the timely delivery and the quality of the bracelet! I bought this to replace one I was wearing that had lost many of the small magnets. I bought my original bracelet at the State Fair 4 1/2 years ago. I wear it 24/7 and am looking forward to getting the wear out of this new one that I got out of the last one!
By Elizabeth Richard
April 11, 12
Love them!
I love these bracelets and anklets. More so the bracelets. They not only look good they work. I left the bracelet off one night and woke up one night in pain from my hand that is full of arthritis. I have been so impressed that I bought a set for some one else. And I've told many of my friends about your products. Thank you very much.
By Greg Lane
April 11, 12
Stainless Steel link Magnetic Bracelet
I am very impressed with your products. The quality is excellent and they do work as advertised. I have been able to stop taking medication for pain in my elbow and knee since I have been wearing the bracelet.
By Sheila
April 11, 12
Stainless Steel magnetic Bracelet
I purchased the magnetic bracelet #33 and love it. I would rate it 5-stars. The clasp is a little stiff, but doable. I chose it for the design - very pretty. I'll probably do some shopping at your website around Christmas!
By Cindy
March 29, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
This is a very pretty bracelet. It is very feminine on the wrist. I wear it everyday with another 2 tone cuff. This is to replace a magnetic bracelet. I wouldn't go a day without it. They really make such a big difference.
By Peggy
March 5, 12
Verified Buyer
Good quality
I find the bracelet to be very comfortable. I have even slept in it. The bracelet is high quality and looks pretty good with my other jewlry.
By Shelly
February 21, 12
Magnetic Bracelet
Been ordering from you for several years. Very good jewelry. Had to stop ordering the ones with magnet clasps. Kept getting caught on things and losing them.
By Lisa Young
February 21, 12
Magnet Bracelet
I have had RA for 2 years now and after wearing one of these i can close my hands like when i was well,i dont get it ,i didnt believe in it ,and now i am getting my family to wear them ,because i am still in denal ,and wondering if my RA is going into remission ,but if this works for my family also i guess i will just have to believe in the unknown .
By Dawn K.
February 21, 12
Love my Magnet Bracelets
I love all 4 of my magnet bracelets. I have been without for sometime now. My friends say you are a firm believer in those and I reply YES I AM! I give all 5 star rating. Thank you Dawn K. A firm believer!
By J. Schomberg
January 18, 12
Verified Buyer
Very pretty but has not changed how my wrist hurts. Has not helped.Reply by MJS: Please read the enclosed instructions. Are you wearing all the time? Try on each wrist. I see you have not had long. Give it more time and follow the directions we included. We are glad to accept exchange or return if you wish.
November 28, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I ordered an anklet and a bracelet . They both work great, no pain since I put them on ! I don't take they off!!Fast delivery, great prices, and no shipping. What more can I say.
By Betty Borsos
November 16, 11
Magnetic Bracelet 33
Just wanted to say how satisfied I was not only in the product which was #33 but also how fast I received it. Will definitely be ordering more in the future. I would rate you 5 stars.
By Marcia
November 12, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
This is not only beautiful but after only a few days I have noticed I have less pain in my arm and shoulder. I love the 2 tone color!! It looks like such an expensive bracelet. You won't be dissapointed!! Customer Service is great! and shipment fast.
By Anonymous
September 11, 11
xoxo magnetic bracelet
My wrist was broken and operated on and I have some scars , I am self conscious about. Also there is pain and I have fibromyalgia. To be honest ,I bought this bracelet,because it looked good,not because of the magnet. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a well made product that looks like a gold bracelet . I love this bracelet so much,I ordered another one after two weeks. I think it helps the pain too, I will report on that later. (I only had it a month) I plan to send this bracelets as Christmas gifts. The price is right and quality is excellent.
By TJ Harmon
September 5, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love it, bought 4 for gifts and they love them as well. The service is excellent and I tell everyone where to get their magnetic bracelets.!! thank you, TJ Harmon
By emanuela contino
August 24, 11
two tone magnetic bracele
Love the bracelet! Well made and looks like a gold bracelet. I am pleasantly surprised. Will order from this company again!
By Anonymous
August 18, 11
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet
Both my husband and I are enjoying our bracelets. He says his hand has not hurt as much since he has been wearing it. The bracelets are very stylist and seem to be of good quality.
By Judt Ness
August 18, 11
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet 33
They came. I love them. They fit perfectly and they are very attractive. Thank you so much. Your business is a model of customer service and quality products.
By Karen
August 12, 11
Verified Buyer
Love it. I mis judged the size a little.... but not a problem. I dont like things real tight anyway. Wear it 24/7. Reply by MJS: We are glad to re-size if you wish.
By connie luce
August 12, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Love the looks. Looks like read gold and silver. Purchased item as I was told the magnets would have an effect on my arthritis, etc. So far, have not noticed any changes. Still wearing and will keep wearing as a pretty piece of jewelery, but have my doubts regarding any medicinal effects.
By Judy Szeman
June 18, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Marvelous! I am receiving so many compliments on it! Exact size and I never take it off!
By Judy
April 15, 11
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
The bracklet is very nice. However I don't think it does anything for the arthritis in my wrist.
By patq
April 3, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Delivery was very quick. I had lost another bracelet I had had for about 10 years and needed one right away. Yors are very opretty and not so manly and heavy. Have had lots of compliments on this one. I have never taken it off since I received it. Wish I had more than two wrists. Thank you.
By Anthoni Maguire
October 27, 10
Verified Buyer
XOXO Bracelet
I found you website about a month ago and have been very happy with my purchases. Your company also has a wonderful customer service department
By F. Martin
October 21, 10
Magnetic Link Bracelet 33
While I think it is really attractive, I haven't felt any different wearing the bracelet. I have tried it on both wrists. My issue is balance. Perhaps the bracelet that I purchased was for something else. Pretty but not as helpful as I would like. I need to wear heels in a few weeks and wanted something that would make me feel more confident that I wont lose my balance and fall. Reply by MJS: Magnetic bracelets do help many people with balance, but not everybody. Please read the enclosed instructions with your bracelet. We are glad to accept return or exchange if you wish.
By Nancy Teresi
October 21, 10
5 Stars for Magnetic Link Bracelet
I would rate all these products that I received with the highest 5 star. I know magnets may not be the answer for everyone, but I will give them a try. I am really happy with the looks and price of your products and I will continue to wear them as they are all very attractive and I've gotten many compliments. I know for some people it takes more time to feel results, I am noticing a difference.
By Chris Marshall
April 13, 10
Verified Buyer
Review Title
4 stars I gave this as a gift and am very happy with the beauty and function of the bracelet
By Mary
April 1, 10
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Love this bracelet. It's a beautiful bracelet and with the benefits of magnets it is wonderful. Helps with arthritis pain in the hand and fingers. I have ordered an anklet bracelet too and it does wonders for swelling in the ankles. My daughter twisted her ankle and I loaned her my ankle bracelet. The swelling went down over night.
By Shrilda Wyatt
February 26, 10
Verified Buyer
I love your products!
I Have ordered three bracelets for arthritis in the hands.......they help. I have a frozen thumb or (trigger finger) now I can move my thumb and even write which I couldn't do before I love your products and will purchase again. The shipping is very prompt I actually receive my order before I expect it to be here. You guys are great and show fantastic customer service we need to see more people like you. Yours truly Shrilda Wyatt, Bradley WV
By Gail
February 4, 10
Verified Buyer
xoxo gold and silver magnetic bracelet
Attractive style and sturdy...I live in all my jewelry. have it on left wrist and going to switch and see how that helps. Llooking forward to purchase more.
By Sandy
May 26, 09
Very pleased
Quality comparable to pieces costing three times as much. Sized perfectly. Very fast shipping.