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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel Silver Verona

30 Reviews
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This is a slender silver solid stainless steel magnetic bracelet. It has shiny silver edges with a textured silver center, and is quite slender at about 1/4" wide. This magnet bracelet has a powerful & permanent 3300 gauss neodymium rare earth north facing magnet in each link.
30 Reviews
By Linda Fechter
January 6, 18
Verified Buyer
It it has helped a lot!
I love my bracelet it has helped a lot andamp; I recommend it to people alot.
By rosa smith
December 4, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
I like my bracelets. Good and prompt customer service. Thanks
By Heather
October 21, 17
Verified Buyer
I am very pleased with my bracelet and will tell people about your product.
The bracelet is very helpful and if I need anything else I will buy from your company
By MaryM
October 17, 16
Wonderful Bracelet
I ordered my bracelet and it was here so fast. Thank you. It is beautiful. The reviews are what helped me decide to order. I am glad I did.
By Rosa Smith
July 26, 16
Verified Buyer
Perfict fit!
Perfect fit. Thanks for validating my order
By Linda K.
February 4, 16
Fits Perfect!
My wrist is 5 1/2 and this bracelet fits perfectly. Not too tight and not too loose. The clasp is very strong. There are 16 magnets in this sized one. It's super comfortable and I sure hope it's okay to take showers with it on. It's very pretty and I hope the magnets work!
By Eladye
December 13, 15
Verified Buyer
I love the look of this bracelet. I can fell a difference in my arm and shoulder after I started wearing this. I don't have the pain in my upper arm as much as I did without it. I do sleep with it on and it is ok. My only problem is that I wonder if I will feel better with one on the other wrist and both ankles. But for now I will stick with this one.. Thank you for a good product!!
By Janet
November 21, 15
Verified Buyer
Love it!
I purchased this for my mother and she loves it. Helps with her pain and is very pretty also.
By Judy A Jeffrey
September 10, 15
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Love it, fits perfect and looks nice.
By Peggy Farrell
February 18, 15
Verified Buyer
Verona Bracelet
Bracelet looks great has a good clasp. It's keeping my hand from going numb. I've been wearing a magnetic for years and this bracelet works great. I'm very happy with your product I will buy again.
By sherry behzadi
January 6, 15
magnetic therapy bracelet
good product great service
By Wil
November 24, 14
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelt
Fits perfectly. Got here on time for the flu season. Its light but strong. It protects me 24/7
By Elaine
June 10, 14
I love my bracelets, I have 3 plus an ankle bracelet. I have corporal tunnel and it truly helps. My mother said it is all in my head. ut I don't care. It keeps my hands from that sleepy feeling and the ankle bracelet does help with my knee pain.
By Audrey Van Veen
May 20, 14
Verified Buyer
I was skeptical but the bracelet has helped alleviate some of the pain in my thumb joint
By Susan
December 25, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I wanted a quality magnet bracelet for a friend. I was very pleased with the quality. It was even nicer than the pictures showed. My friend loved it.
By Chyrl Daniels
September 22, 13
Verified Buyer
Love the bracelet. Within 24 hours I was feeling relief in my wrist and shoulder. I suffer from arthritis throughout my entire body and wearing a bracelet and ankle keeps me almost pain free!!!! I highly recommend for anyone who suffers!!!!
By Sonja
July 21, 13
Verified Buyer
Great bracelet
This bracelet relieved all of my shoulder pain within a day. I had been trying cheap bracelets from other stores with some relief but not all. It is pretty, comfortable and I wear it with everything. I also shower and sleep in it. I love it so much a friend at work has also ordered one for herself. This company cared enough they called me to double check my small wrist size. I ordered 2 and they both fit perfectly!
By Jane
November 7, 12
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Love it and sleep, bath in it. Thanks
By Betty
October 8, 12
Verified Buyer
magnetic bracelet
i tried this magnetic bracelet instead of another brand that I had worn for over year and had alleviated my back pain. I wear this one continuously and have had no relief from the back pain needless to say I am disappointed. the bracelet is attractive but it does not work for me. Reply by MJS: We are glad to accept return for exchange or refund if you wish.
By Darren
May 7, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Looks much nicer in real life! I had a copper bracelet before, with no links only bendable. This is far superior! Worth the cost, and very Quick relief of my elbow pain. I bought 2 of them, and they were the correct size that I ordered, but too loose for my taste. A quick adjust, removed a couple of links myself, and perfect! I work construction, they have been painted, drywall mudded, tile mastic coated, and quickly clean right up! Awsome product! Highly reccomend!
By BFerg
December 8, 11
Verified Buyer
Worth The Cost
I like this product, I bought it for a bracelet and it is fashionable as well as theraputic. As soon as I put it on I felt the magnet working...weird I know but my skin starting tingling and it felt like the magnetic waves were just working its way down to the bone. I will absolutely be buying again soon!
By Sue Walter
November 16, 11
Magnetic bracelets
I have seen a lot of improvement in my shoulder since I started wearing the bracelet, I am thrilled thankyou My husband says that he doesn't have too much pain anyway, but he thinks it helped his back Thanks again
By Jane C
July 27, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Love the looks and the fit. Great purchase.
By Roxanne Fisher
January 9, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I purchased these 2 bracelets for my mother. She had purchased 2 bracelets from another company and the only way the bracelet stayed together was with it's own magnets. Well, they kept falling apart and eventually she lost both of them. They also rusted and would peel off the silver layer and she paid double of the cost of these. She absolutely loves the looks of the bracelets. And she told me that she wears them all the time and she doesn't even know she has them on. We have found that magnetic jewlery helps our arthritis so that's all we wear now. And these bracelet #34 do the trick of helping her arthritis, too. Beautiful bracelets!! Well worth the money. Quick and good service from this company. As well, as great quality of the products. Just purchased another bracelet for a male friend with arthritis. This is my 8th purchase from this company. I wouldn't buy anywhere else!!!
By J. Borda
September 22, 10
Review Title
On a 1-5 I would rate the bracelet a 5.Pain in my wrist and elbow has diminished greatly! I haven't taken it off. The only things I would do differently is order sooner and possibly a bit wider bracelet.
By W. Marks
July 28, 10
Silver Stainless Steel Link Magnetic Bracelet
Perfect fit! Stylish look!
By Diane Flood Taylor
July 6, 10
Verified Buyer
Silver Stainless Steel Link Magnetic Bracelet
I love it! It's stylish, comfortable and it provides relief from aches. What could be better?
By A. Petersen
July 9, 09
very good
Very pleased. Shipping was fast and the bracelet has good workmanship and loooks nice. Will purchase again in the future.
By John Holmes
June 21, 09
These Magnetic Bracelets are great
These magnetic bracelets are great. I also have one for each ankle and my knee pains are gone. I don't take them off at all.
By Tom Lawrence
March 9, 09
These magnetic bracelets are great!!
These magnetic bracelets are great!! Thanks for such wonderful service!!