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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel 2 Tone Verona

65 Reviews
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This is a slender two tone solid stainless steel magnetic bracelet. It has shiny 18k gold edges with a textured silver center center and is quite slender at about 1/4" wide. This magnet bracelet has a powerful & permanent 3300 gauss neodymium rare earth north facing magnet in each link.
65 Reviews
By Ginny
September 18, 18
Verified Buyer
Love the fit and look of this bracelet. This is my second order with this company.
By Susan
August 13, 18
Verified Buyer
New bracelet
Love it. It's thin and very chic.
By Lisa Streeter
June 28, 18
Verified Buyer
I have ordered from several times now and have never been disappointed. This latest order is no exception. This bracelet is beautiful and you cannot tell it's a magnetic therapy bracelet. Their quality and customer service is superior and I would highly recommend their products. If you have any issues at all, they go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with you order.
By jean
April 15, 18
Verified Buyer
magnetic bracelet
The bracelet is beautiful. I\\\'ve been suffering from leg cramps for years and my doctor said, there is nothing they can do and there is no special doctor that could help me. so they just prescribed sleeping pills. As soon as I started wearing this bracelet, I did not have cramps that night. I ordered 2 ankle bracelet for both legs. My leg cramps is at least 90 % better. I also have extra bracelet and when i have cramps on higher part of my leg, i would rub that pain with the bracelet and it disappears. when i remove the bracelet, the cramps comes back again. This has been a blessing for me. thank you.
By Chris Sisto
February 15, 18
Verified Buyer
Great fit
Love the bracelet.
By Susan
January 27, 18
Verified Buyer
Perfect fit
Excellent quality and fit, it looks like an expensive piece of jewelry.
By Vanessa
December 14, 17
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel
I Love the Stainless Steel Magnetic Brackets. They stay Great Looking for a Long time.
By Barbara
June 11, 17
Verified Buyer
I love this beautiful bracelet. I wear it all the time and I believe it is helping with aches and pains. This is the 4th bracelet purchased and everyone has been exceptional and the customer service is outstanding. I would very highly recommend this company, its customer service and quality products.
By Paula Kinney
October 12, 16
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Stainless Steel 2 Tone Verona
Just what I wanted!
By Violet lambright
October 3, 16
Verified Buyer
Beautiful and it works really good
By marie
April 21, 16
Verified Buyer
no more wrist pain
This is the second bracelet I have purchased from here... Love them! I work hard and my hands hurt but I don't want to live on ibuprofen, these bracelets eased pain in hands almost immediately! I get many compliments on them and tell everyone how well they work. I wear them 24/7...Thinking about getting an ankle bracelet to help with bunion pain.
By Joe holley
March 6, 16
Verified Buyer
Was very pleased with style an surprised at how well you got it to fit , good job I would recommend you to my friends.
By Linda
September 14, 15
Verified Buyer
I love the bracelet and it' fits very well. Their service is exceptional. Some of my ache's and pains have all but disappeared.
By Carole
March 24, 15
Verified Buyer
I ordered a particular size and The Magnet Store was able to make it fit my wrist where I wanted it. It has helped the pain in my joint go away.
By Claren Goad
March 6, 15
LINK35GS Bracelet
Just received my bracelet. It is a perfect fit! This bracelet is very attractive and the quality is unbelievable. It is very well made. I may have to hide it from my wife.
By Al Miller
February 24, 15
Verified Buyer
SS 2 tone Verona Therapy Bracelet
I love it... I haven't taken it off since receiving it... Simple, smart design; goes with any yellow or white gold jewelry [rings, watches, etc.]. Maybe it's my imagination but small aches/pains seem to have subsided....
By KayE
October 4, 14
Verified Buyer
Too Cute for medicine!
I love this bracelet and it works!!! My shoulder is really feeling relief. The design of the bracelet is so beautiful it really is a nice piece of jewelry. However, I do have to remember to take it off when I go shopping because when I enter and leave a store with secure it goes off which is embarrassing. Wouldn't want anyone to think I have merchandise I didn't pay for.
By Linda Verheyen
September 22, 14
Verified Buyer
Stainless Steel Verona Bracelet
very pretty bracelet. haven't noticed any big difference in less pain in my hand but havent really had it very long to see any difference.
By Patsy Perry
August 31, 14
Very pleased
Very pleased with product
By Donald Westerhaus
July 24, 14
Verified Buyer
Nice Bracelet
Nice bracelet; well made and very comfortable. Very good service. I'd give it a five stars.
By Martha
July 16, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I think the bracelet is beautiful and fits perfectly. My entire left arm and shoulder was in total pain. Now that I am wearing the bracelet, the pain is gone on the shoulder and just have slight pain on my elbow. I would recommend this product.
By Dawn Lair
June 25, 14
Verified Buyer
It is beautiful
Bracelet arrived very quickly, was amazed at how beautiful it was. It fit perfectly. I really love it, haven't taken it off at all! Don't think it's helping with the pain yet, but it's still early.
By Stephanie
June 9, 14
Verified Buyer
fast delivery..fits perfectly
By Sydney
May 17, 14
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Love these bracelets! They really do work to help alleviate my arthritis. Also I love the ease of ordering online. Thank you for making the whole process so easy!
By Joyce Bauer
May 3, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
My bracelet is beautiful. Thank you for the excellent service!
By Tatyana Borshch
April 22, 14
Verified Buyer
I rate 5 out of 5 star!
By merlene erb
January 5, 14
Verified Buyer
I love my bracelet! I have not had it very long but see some improvement in my hands and a shoulder that I was having lots of problems with! I WILL ORDER MORE .It is of very good quality and and looks great.Well worth the money.
December 10, 13
Verified Buyer
By Carol Pranger
September 19, 13
Review Title
My friend and I both have this bracelet and we love it. We have to give you 5 of 5 stars, it comes fast, is packed nice, looks good, can't say enough. You really do good!! I generally don't like ordering merchandise, but this really worked out nice. Thank you!!
By James Hackel
September 19, 13
Verified Buyer
Review magnetic bracelets
My wife and I have worn magnetic bracelets for about 3 years and are convinced they reduce arthritic pain. I ordered a second bracelet for my wife and the the other was for her sister. Her sister loves her bracelet.
April 28, 13
Verified Buyer
This is my 2nd braclet, I lost my 1st one. I came insude and ordered a new one the same day. It makes a difference in my arthritis discomfort.
By Eddie
April 7, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I like the bracelet but it was a bit to big. I still ware it and I like it. Good service from the staff.Reply by MJS: We are glad to re-size for you. It can also be done at most watch repair or jewelry stores.
By Eileen W.
March 22, 13
Verified Buyer
Beautiful jewelry!
I have had my new bracelet about a week now so it might be a little too soon to see any results but the bracelet itself is beautiful and well made and the customer service is excellent! Thank you.
By Lee Hoeffel
February 15, 13
Verified Buyer
Great Product
I will not purchase a magnetic bracelet anywhere else! I have bought several bracelets from Magnet Jewelry Store and only had a problem w/one bracelet and it was resolved within a few hours, sent me a new one and a return ppd mailer for the broken one. Product and Service Five *****
By Lita D.
January 8, 13
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
I have worn this bracelet for over a year now and feel it is a lifesaver. My wrist, hands, and hip does not ache anymore like before. I have just ordered another one to replace the worn out one I have been wearing, since I never take it off.
By Joyce Semon
January 4, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love it! Not only is it beautiful and comfortable it really, really works. One of my friends has 2 of them that she raved about. Being a skeptic, I thought that surely it was a 'mind over matter' thing until I wore her bracelet for a week. Like magic the pain and cramping in my right hand stopped. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and haven't taken it off since then. Yesterday I was able to paint my front door without any issues with my hand. Before I had the bracelet my hand would cramp up and fingers stiffened out just during the course of eating dinner causing me to drop my fork or knife. Now I can even use a paint brush without pain or dropping it. I still find it hard to believe. I'll never take it off.
By Vilma P.
September 20, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love my magnetic bracelet. It is so beautiful and delicate. I have been wearing it since I received it. It is made of a very good quality material, and I even think that it has helped me with my shoulder pain! Do you sell necklace and earrings? I was also looking forward to buying those . :) Reply By MJS: We do sell made to order magnetic hematite necklaces.
By Margaret S.
September 16, 12
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
I love my bracelet. I have only taken it off one time since I received it. I am glad I found your website.
By Gail Brown
August 15, 12
Verified Buyer
Ladies Bracelet
Looks very nice - quality is great - price is great -
By Barb
August 3, 12
Verified Buyer
Love it!
I have purchased many magnetic bracelets and this one by far is the best! It started working after one day and it doesn't break out my skin. It's also very stylish. Thank you!
By Sharon Lublin
July 28, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love this bracelet!
By Mary Honaker
July 19, 12
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
I love this bracelet I have not taken it off since I got it. Very good qualit y.
By Arlene Klocek
April 11, 12
Magnetic Bracelet
I think the bracelet I purchased has helped very much with the arthritis in my wrists and thumb joints. I don't feel anymore discomfort. It's only two weeks and I am satisfied.
By Mary Geyer
March 28, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I put it on as soon as I got it and in no time it started helping. I just could not believe it. I talked my sister into getting one. I showed it to my doctor yesterday as he saw how bad my hand was before. He asked for the name of your website so he could pass it on to other patients. I have been telling everyone how great it is. It really means a lot to me and I may be ordering more in the future. Thank you so much.
By Lois S
February 21, 12
I Love it!
I love it!
By Dawn K.
February 21, 12
Magnet Bracelet
I love all 4 of my magnet bracelets. I have been without for sometime now. My friends say you are a firm believer in those and I reply YES I AM! I give all 5 star rating. Thank you Dawn K. A firm believer!
By Pam
February 12, 12
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love this bracelet, I work on computer all day, and it has helped my wrist and hands, I have one on both wrists!
By Renee
December 9, 11
Verified Buyer
Christmas Gifts
I purchased this bracelet for my mother who has trouble with tired, sore joints. She had a few magnetic pieces but they were cheaply made. This bracelet seems very well made and the magnets seem much stronger than most other pieces I have seen. It also looks better in person than picture. I cannot attest to the durability of the item since it is her Christmas gift.
By Ann Marie
November 22, 11
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Since I've been wearing it I have noticed that I have less pain in my right shoulder. I am also pleased that it is a very pretty bracelet.
By James M.
August 18, 11
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet 35
I ordered #38 for myself and #35 for my wife. They are both very nice. We've had compliments about each. I am sure other orders are forthcoming. The orders were were expedited and received within a few days, all very satisfying.
By Karen F.
July 26, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
The bracelet I ordered (#35) has helped a great deal for the pain I was having in both wrist and fingers (especially the right hand). I would say the pain has been reduced by at least 80-85%. It took about two weeks before I could really feel the difference; before I started wearing the magnetic bracelet, I was having a hard time just lifting small everyday objects or turning my wrist just slightly. It has also helped reduce the numbness in both arms when I am sleeping but unfortunately it has not reduced the pain I have in my neck on the right side (this may require a magnetic necklace).The bracelet is attractive and I wear it everyday!
By Dee
July 19, 11
Magnetic Bracelet
The Bracelet is more beautiful than the picture. I will recomend this to everyone.
By Kelly
April 27, 11
Verified Buyer
Great bracelet!
I love this bracelet! I have rotator cuff tendonitis in my left shoulder so I wear it on my left hand. I do believe it has enabled me to work out harder and longer with less pain. I'm a court reporter and I also wear it in the courtroom. It is such a pretty piece of one knows it's magnetic until I tell them, then they are amazed! I just ordered one similar to it for my 85 year old dad.
By Alice M Boudreau
March 16, 11
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
While I haven't found much of a difference yet, I will continue to wear the bracelet, as it is as pretty as any gold jewerly I have.
By Rob
December 27, 10
Verified Buyer
Magnetice bracelet
Bought as a gift for my wife. She loved it. It was slightly small but used one of the two extra links included which worked fine. Delivery was fast.
By Lita Duraine
December 22, 10
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
I didn't want to believe that the bracelet could work...but IT DID! I could tell a noticeable difference in my back and hip pain when wearing the bracelet and when not wearing it. So much so that I ordered another bracelet, different style and a ring also for my other hand. This particular bracelet was very pretty and expensive looking as well. I have worn it now, day and night, for weeks (except bathing) and the finish has not changed. I will continue to use magnetic jewelry from now on.
By Sharlene Lund
November 7, 10
Verified Buyer
Review Title
This has the effect that I was looking for in my left hand. A better part of the pain that I experienced is in check. I am not totally pain free in my left arm but I won't take it off.
By Nancy Teresi
October 21, 10
Really Happy
I would rate all these products that I received with the highest 5 star. I know magnets may not be the answer for everyone, but I will give them a try. I am really happy with the looks and price of your products and I will continue to wear them as they are all very attractive and I've gotten many compliments. I know for some people it takes more time to feel results, I am noticing a difference.
By Don
October 14, 10
Verified Buyer
magnetic Bracelet
Received this Bracelet and love it would recomend this company to everyone. Service 5 star, customer service 5 star, Don
By Jerome F. Feist
August 31, 10
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Am very happy with the bracelet. Thanks
By Sandy
July 15, 10
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Love this bracelet fit great
By Sheila
May 10, 10
Verified Buyer
I'm very happy with my purchase. Your customer service is really second to none. So far, I'm not sure if the bracelet is helping my arm discomfort, but I'm still hopeful. The bracelet fits perfectly, and I wear it all the time, ie to bed and also in the shower. Thank you for your service and your attention to me!
By Carol L Pehrson
March 4, 10
Thank you!
I just got my bracelet. Thanks for the quick service. I dont know if you will believe this, but about 30 min after putting it on, my elbow that ached so bad started tingling. Ive had it on for 1 hrs now and the elbow has gone from feeling like the pinched nerve would explode to almost unnoticeable. This is great! I still cant believe your prices and free shipping. You folks are the best, thanks again.
By Shrilda Wyatt
February 26, 10
Verified Buyer
I can now move my thumb!
I Have ordered three bracelets for arthritis in the hands.......they help. I have a frozen thumb or (trigger finger) now I can move my thumb and even write which I couldn't do before I love your products and will purchase again. The shipping is very prompt I actually receive my order before I expect it to be here. You guys are great and show fantastic customer service we need to see more people like you. Yours truly Shrilda Wyatt, Bradley WV
By Gloria
September 11, 09
The bracelet is exactly what I expected; it is lovely and nobody would know it is magnetized.