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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 2 Tone Double Grand

Item Code: BRACELET-2
25 Reviews
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This is a jumbo size two tone stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet. Very stylish with shiny 18k gold. We call it Double Grand, because it is very substantial at about .60" wide and offers double the power with 2 powerful & permanent 3300 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets in each link. Order yours today.
25 Reviews
By Judy Stanley
October 23, 18
Verified Buyer
Love the two tones and the width. I have larger wrists and it looks fabulous. I wanted it for the double amount of magnet strength. Beauty and power!
By Harry Parmley
September 24, 18
Verified Buyer
Great Bracelet!
I was drawn to the apparent heavier construction of this new bracelet, and I wasn't disappointed. More magnets, wider band and heavier clasp are all great! The bracelet is very comfortable and is doing the trick for my hand arthritis. A beautiful, working bracelet. Thank you.
By John Engquist
July 4, 18
Verified Buyer
Very Impressed
My only reason for ordering was due to my previous bracelet coming undone and falling off. This one is well made and fastens much more securely. Everything came delivered as promised.
By Anonymous
June 29, 18
Verified Buyer
Double Grand
I love the Double Grand Magnetic therapy bracelet, nice product!
By pat
May 27, 18
Verified Buyer
Great looking and the service was great lso had band in 2 days
By James Vargas
March 4, 18
Verified Buyer
Great product
Love how the bracelet looks and feels so glad I found out about your company I've shown others and tell them how to orders theirs
By James Vargas
March 4, 18
Verified Buyer
Great product
I love the look and how it fells doesn't look or fell cheap very well made I carry your card with me so when others ask me how they can get one.
By Raymond Clermont
February 28, 18
Verified Buyer
magnetic therapy bracelet 2 tone double grand
Fit is good and works well
By A.E Morgan
February 9, 18
Verified Buyer
Excellent Gift
I had previously purchased bracelets for myself then for my wife. We were both extremely please with the bracelets. Purchased this one as a gift for a good friend who also has wrist pain.
By marsha ketchen
October 30, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 2 Tone Double Grand
I ordered 2 Magnetic Therapy 2 tone double grand bracelets. I love them! They are attractive and fit well!
By art albert
June 13, 17
magnetic bracelet
I perched this bracelet, about 2 1/2 months ago. I'm very happy with it and the price. Fits much better then the old bracelet(which fell apart) after 4yrs. of hard use.
By art albert
May 25, 17
magnetic bracelet
Super bracelet, no more pain in my right shoulder. Very stylish. This is the first Magnetic from this company. Just hope it keeps on doing the job!!! have had many Magnetic Bracelets. Thanks again. One happy customer..
By Tom Howell
May 11, 17
Verified Buyer
2 tone double grand
Excellent bracelet - like it so well that I have already ordered a second. Rating is definitely 5 star.
By Terry D Boyd
April 6, 17
Verified Buyer
The best I have ever seen
This bracelet is the best, I have ever seen. I would rate it as a 5. I wear it all the time.
By Margaret
February 24, 17
Verified Buyer
very stylish and I can tell the difference right away when I placed the bracelet on my wrist.
By Bill Preston
October 24, 16
Verified Buyer
Great Magnetic Bracelet
My old bracelet wasn't working and longer, this new bracelet is working very well for me regarding my arthritic fingers. Thank You!!!!
By Charles Dickens
October 22, 16
Verified Buyer
It Works
5 Stars it works
By Vincent
July 2, 16
Love this bracelet...
I have purchased several bracelets from and this one is my favorite by far. I love the size, quality and look of this bracelet. I have ordered more than 5 bracelets from this company, both for myself and as gifts, and have not been disappointed yet. They work well for aches and pain, but also look wonderful as everyday jewelry. I would highly recommend.
By Michael Spafford
May 13, 16
Verified Buyer
Really helps
I purchased a double grand bracelet I am very well satisfied it is very comfortable I wear it 24/7 it really does help the arthritis in the Web of my hands no more aching pain like I use to have. I also have a hamatite necklace it also provides me with relief from a tight stiff neck I do not have a fancy education just a plain ordinary guy with typical aches and pains , but I can say that I do not have the aches and pains like I use to have . Magnet store bracelets and necklaces really help me with my arthritis defiantly a 5 STAR product
By Dali Salvador
May 4, 16
Verified Buyer
love it
By W. Clark
March 4, 16
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Bracelet
Received this item in record time. It is a perfect fit and is exactly what I ordered. Just love it.
By J. Johnson
February 5, 16
Verified Buyer
The Best
I love the bracelet! Not sure if I'm receiving any benefits from it yet, but I am very happy with your product, thank you. I would rate as a #5, the best. Thank you
By Di Athey
December 24, 15
Verified Buyer
magnetic bracelet
Just as great as shown. Love it, Di Athey
By Rob Athey
December 24, 15
Verified Buyer
Mag. bracelet
Love this newer style . Just great X-mas present
By Dr Woos
October 6, 15
Verified Buyer
2 Tone braclet
Good quality for the money. Hope new items will be seen in near future