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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 2 Tone Stripes 4 in 1

Item Code: BRACELET-39-4
21 Reviews
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This is a cutting edge technology stainless steel magnetic therapy bracelet. It is styled in brushed silver with shiny accent 18k gold stripes and is about 1/2" wide. This therapy bracelet that has 4 wonderful things going for it, so we call it 4 in 1. This style has the following 1) 3300 gauss bio north facing magnets(silver), 2) Germanium(Black), 3) , Far Infrared Ray technology(Red), and 4) Negative Ion technology(white). We hope you will enjoy this wonderful bracelet that combines 4 technologies that are believed by many to help our bodies naturally in many different ways. The information below is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. We make no overt or implied claims for effectiveness, health, cure, treatment, or mitigation of any condition. Far Infrared Ray is believed by many to help the body detoxify and maintain vitality. Negative Ions are believed to promote better metabolism and balance in the body. It is believed that they may improve the body's functioning in many ways including the immune, cardiovascular, muscular, and circulatory systems. Germanium is believed to help in many ways including the immune and circulatory systems. Many believe it may also help with fatigue, improving sleep, detoxify the body, and pain conditions. Neodymium magnets are believed by many to help in many ways including circulation and reducing inflammation and pain conditions. Order yours today.
21 Reviews
By Sue
March 5, 19
Verified Buyer
Magnetic bracelet
Meet a gentleman at benefit andamp; my husband complimented his bracelet. It reminded us of a watch band that I have. Purchased It for my husband for his arthritis in both his hands. It looks great just waiting for it to work its magic and help his pain.
By Impressed Customer
January 1, 19
Verified Buyer
Exactly what was expected
I have bought other negative ion bracelets in the past that look like an exact mirror of these brackets for over a hundred dollars, so for the reasonable price I was extremely impressed.
By Jim
December 9, 18
Verified Buyer
A Great Bracelet
Great bracelet. Exactly as described. Fit is perfect. Measure exactly as outlined and youll be 100% satisfied.
By Bill
September 14, 18
Verified Buyer
Worked for me
I recently purchased these two bracelets for a friend. I purchased two for me over a year ago and my arthurites issues in my fingers has subsided immensely. I like your product for what it does and for the great clasp on them so I'm not concerned about loosing them by coming undone.
By Thomas Evans
September 8, 18
Verified Buyer
Completely satisfied
After having lost two previous golf bracelets due to slip offs, this style is a perfect solution. The ordering process was was spot on and the delivery to our address very timely.
By Bertha Hess
July 3, 18
great bracelet
this is my 4th. purchase.these bracelets really help the pain my husband has in his hands.would highly recommend.
By Jay hengeli
April 8, 18
Verified Buyer
The product is excellent
The product was excellent just as advertised
By James G. Strong
April 2, 18
Verified Buyer
Great bracelet
Love my new bracelet and it is starting to work on my hand . I need my other bracelet fixandquot;ed , but I will get back to you on this later.
By Al Makowski
March 21, 18
Verified Buyer
Love my bracelet
Lost my first one somewhere on the golf course. Bought a replacement and could not be happier. Have started to see benefits to my aches.
By Bill Lowe
February 18, 18
Magnet Therapy Braclet 2 Tone Stripes 4 in 1
I bought these bracelets back in June 2017 and started wearing them as soon as they arrived; one on each wrist. I didn't see any change at first but my chiropractor who recommended them to me said that sometimes it takes awhile to see a difference. Sure enough, in about two to three months I noticed a great difference in the arthritis pain level in my fingers. It is almost completely gone. Thank you MJS for such a good product. I also love the quality clasps which never come undone unless I take them off. I don't take them off that much unless in the shower, because I sleep with them as well as wear them all day long.
By Steven Teitelbaum
January 1, 18
Verified Buyer
Fits Just Right
I received the bracelet two days ago and I put it on immediately. It fit just right as I followed your direction on sizing. The quality of the bracelet appears to be very good and hope to wear for many years.
By Tanya
November 18, 17
Verified Buyer
Love my bracelet
I ordered a silver/copper bracelet and I love it, I ordered by using the helpful measurement instructions! I will be ordering more as the prices are reasonable and the products are awesome as well as is the customer service being very caring. May God Bless you all and may y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with family and love!
By David
October 14, 17
Very nice great fit looks good
By Regina
August 1, 17
Makes a difference and looks great!
I bought this for my boyfriend who wore a brace on his wrist every night for pain due to carpel tunnel, arthritis and overexertion. Since he started wearing this bracelet, he very rarely wears his brace. He likes the look and feel of it and gets lots of compliments on it. I think it looks really sharp on him too! Will and have recommended to friends.
By Reddog
February 3, 17
Verified Buyer
I wore a bracelet very similar (just magnets) to this one for years, until I recently lost it. I have an injury on right arm and was told years ago after surgery that I would have arthritis in my hand. I went without a magnetic bracelet for about 4-6 weeks to test the theory, and had a lot of pain shooting thru my wrist and hands I received this beautiful replacement with upgraded stones and my shooting pain has subsided immensely. I am convinced that it works..I never take it off..
By Edith
December 22, 16
Verified Buyer
I bought this bracelet for my husband for Christmas so Im not sure how it will fit him or if he will like it it looks very nice I love it and hope he will too
By Walter Crose
August 10, 16
Verified Buyer
Very nice
The bracelet was very nice and appropriately sized. Thanks
July 16, 16
Verified Buyer
Very happy with my new bracelet.
By Bill
May 31, 16
Verified Buyer
I am Very Happy with my purchase of this bracelet. It looks very good and fits much better than my previous one purchased over ten years ago. It has helped me and I would recommend this style highly.
By jim
March 23, 16
Verified Buyer
I have used these for years and every so often need to have it replaced because they wear out. They have made a big difference in my health, everyone thinks its a watch and it gives me the op to explain what they are and how they work. I started using them after I broke my collar bone, I was 50 years old then and they made a big difference in my recovery that I decided to wear two, one on each wrist.
By don cate
March 3, 16
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