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Magnetic Therapy Pet Collar

2 Reviews
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Now we have a magnetic therapy solution for your pets. This adjustable magnetic pet collar comes in 2 sizes. Measure your pets neck to choose the correct size. Whiskey in the picture sure loves his collar. Please do check with your pets Veterinary before use.
2 Reviews
By Vera
March 11, 19
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Pet Collar
I got this for my sister's little dog, he is able to jump into the truck with no problems, as well as climb stairs. He no longer favors his back right leg. He struggled with all that before. Glad I got it for him.
By gary pruett
January 1, 17
Verified Buyer
pet collar
Believe it or not! The works great on my dog. She is a pug, 12yrs. old and has bad joint problems. Got the collar for her a few weeks ago and it has been working good and seems to get better daily. I would recommend the collar to anyone. hopefully you'll have as good of luck as I have.