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Copper Adjustable Magnetic Therapy Ring Hearts

21 Reviews
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This is a nickel free hearts adjustable copper magnetic ring. It has a 1500 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnet on each end. It is about 1/4" wide. It will fit small to medium finger ring sizes about 6 - 9.
21 Reviews
By Nada
June 9, 18
Verified Buyer
magnet ring review
Very happy, it works!!!
By Michelle Warren
January 31, 18
Verified Buyer
Heart Rings
Love my two heart rings! Thank you1
By Mary Manz
December 30, 17
Verified Buyer
Recent purchase
About a year ago, I looked around where I live and I could not find suitable thumb rings. I had to buy rings that were solid and they would cut into the skin. I am happy with these rings because they have style, they match and I can adjust them if necessary. If I would make the purchase again, I would try getting rings just a bit larger, because my thumbs are rather stout....but overall, I do like these rings with the hearts!
By Cheryl M
April 16, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnetic Therapy Heart Ring
I LOVE the isn't tight as it is adjustable and looks nice too as I wear it on my thumb. So far, I see a slight difference and I am anxious to see what happens in 2 months. Will order from them again...great prices, great shipping!!
By Racy Ferguson
January 12, 17
Verified Buyer
Very pleased!
This ring is very pretty and works very well. Of all the pieces I have purchased form you, this is probably my favorite. I have carpal tunnel and this is exactly what I needed to keep my pain manageable! Shipping was fast too. Will shop with you again!
October 26, 16
Verified Buyer
By Marylyn H
April 18, 16
Verified Buyer
I wear this ring on my second toe to relieve pain in my foot for arthritis. It certainly helps keeping it from getting so stiff.
By Marsha Stanton
January 19, 16
Verified Buyer
Top Notch!
Rings do contribute to pain relief and I've never taken them off since I received them. Products are proving to live up to claims, and customer service is topnotch!
By pattroyka
December 1, 15
Verified Buyer
I love my ring
I was unsure when I bought this whether it would help or not, but the nickel-free and adjustable aspect helped sell me on it. I am extremely happy with this purchase. It looks great, more delicate than the magnified picture. It's easy to adjust, although it does NOT easily adjust itself just from using your hands (I'm a cashier at a busy grocery, wear my ring to work every day, never had it squash my finger). The finger I wear it on has been painful for 4 or 5 years, but 1/2 day wearing the ring and the pain was gone. Now I wear the ring because it's pretty.
By Yvonne Parrish
September 9, 15
Verified Buyer
Solid Copper Adj Mag Therapy Ring Hearta
I have arthritis in my thumb and I have had my ring for about a week now. I didn't think it was working until I forgot to put it on, after awhile I began to have pain in my thumb. I wasn't able to bend it without my nuckle popping. It is popping a little with the ring on, but not near as much as without the ring. I would recommend this for anyone with arthritis in their fingers.
By Shirley
April 17, 15
Verified Buyer
Copper Magnetic Ring
I purchased the copper ring to help relieve some pain and weakness in my left thumb from arthritis. I picked the ring with hearts because I love the heart pattern. When I received the ring I was pleased with the quality and it looks nice. I immediately put it on my thumb and have not taken it off yet. The pain in my thumb was gone within 24 hours and I am no longer experiencing the weakness. The ring is working for me and I would buy another one if I lose this one.
By JoAnn Vierling
November 3, 13
Verified Buyer
Heart Magnetic ring
I am wearing it on my thumb and it has stopped my arm from going to sleep. I am very satisied. Also have the magnetic ankle bracelet ND IT HAS HELPED MY LEG AND BACK.
By bjhughes
August 19, 13
Verified Buyer
Like the ring, and details
By Sandra Trask
March 16, 13
Verified Buyer
ring hearts
I like it a lot
By Rita
February 28, 13
Verified Buyer
Ring Hearts
Shipping was great. Received in about 3 days. I do not get pains in my knuckle but is still stiff. I feel a lot better with it on. I do not wake with pain in the joint like I used to. Thanks. :)
By Jeanne Langeslag
December 16, 12
Verified Buyer
Solid Copper Adjustable Magnetic Ring Hearts
This is a pretty ring that I can wear daily! It meets my expectations and the price was reasonable!
By Lou
October 13, 12
Verified Buyer
Love this item!
My girls and I love this ring..
By Sherell
July 23, 11
Verified Buyer
copper heart ring
I love it and imagination or not the pain and redness in my thumb joint is gone. Who would have thought
By Craig F.
March 6, 11
Verified Buyer
Wife loves the ring!
I recenty ordered a new bracelet for myself and convinced my wife to try one of your copper magnet rings. She has arthritis in her hands, particularly her right index finger. She says the ring helped with joint movement from the instant she put it on! She even get compliments on the rings appearance.
By Anonymous
February 7, 11
Verified Buyer
I am amazed on how fast these products work, I bought the ring and bracelet,Well my husband took the bracelet and just over night he could tell the diference. He is a machanic and was having a lot of pain in his hands and could hardly use a wrench but now he is TURNING THE WRENCH AGAIN it is Amazing, Amazing enough he took the ring also, I told him that the ring was for me because it has hearts on it, and he said (Quote) Who Gives a Crap Whats on It When it Relieves the PAIN, So there you have it It is AMAZING
By Morgan McGowan
September 22, 10
I am blown away!
OMy Goodness, ok I have to say I was a little skeptical at first, thinking how can this bracelet possibly make me feel better? I am blown away! I have aches in most of my joints, especially my hips, and my fingers, including one finger that would hurt just touching it and I couldn't bend it as far as the others. I noticed immediate results once I put on my bracelet and ring! I thought maybe it was in my head, but no way. Two weeks later and my joints feel so much better. I do still have some very mild pain occasionally, but let me tell you, it is very tolerable. I can bend my finger, it doesn't hurt anymore. Last night I took off my jewelry because I was doing some heavy duty cleaning and didn't want to get them wet. I forgot to put them back on, and I sat down to do some work on my laptop and watch a little TV. I was probably sitting for about 40 minutes, and when I went to get up, my hips hurt so bad, just like they always did before. I couldn't believe it. I will never forget again to put on my bracelet and ring. It is amazing the changes it has made in how I feel. I am so happy that I took a chance and bought them. :)