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Copper Adjustable Magnetic Therapy Ring Triple Swirl

5 Reviews
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This is a solid copper adjustable magnetic ring. It is made with three solid metals all made from copper including copper, brass & silver. It has a 1500 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnet on each end. It will fit small to medium finger ring sizes about 6 - 9.
5 Reviews
By Scott
May 13, 19
Verified Buyer
Goes very well with the Sergio Lub bracelets that my wife wears. It's a nice solid piece which makes it have just a little too much bulk for someone with small finger but should be fine if you don't wear on a finger where there's an adjoining finger which also has a ring.
By Mary
December 4, 17
Verified Buyer
I ordered and received two copper rings, both are very fashionable and easy to wear. have not wore long enough to tell if they will help my fingers.
By Audrey joyce
May 1, 17
Verified Buyer
Very pretty
This ring is very pretty, nice shine to it. I injured my finger and the knuckle is swollen but the ring fit over it with a little coaxing and then I was able to close it back up to fit around my finger. There is still a gap in the ring as it is on my middle finger but it never slides around and always stays underneath and is comfortable to wear.
April 4, 17
Verified Buyer
I love this ring; looks beautiful and really helps with the pain in my thumb.
By Phoenix
March 29, 17
Verified Buyer
magnetic Therapy Ring Triple Swirl
I LOVE this ring! I wear it on my thumb because of joint arthritis. It really helps with pain and stiffness. Looks great, too. I bought two just to have a 'spare'.