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Wide Silver Band Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

9 Reviews
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This is a finely crafted solid copper magnetic therapy bracelet. This substantial and solidly designed nickel free magnetic bracelet is about 1/2" wide and is styled with silver plating. It has 6 powerful 3000 gauss neodymium rare earth bio north facing magnets and stainless steel magnet caps for added durability. A very popular design for those who wish a substantial bracelet on their wrist.
9 Reviews
By Claudette porter
July 16, 13
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I bought this for my husband but I got the size wrong so gave it to my brother. He has been wearing it for only a week or so and has noticed the pain he sometimes gets in his hand has gone. He does get some green but accepts that that's part and parcel of the copper. He also has a small rash. I don't know if that's because of the bracelet or not but he's not taking it off. Hopefully it's just an initial reaction.Reply by MJS: A rash is not common, but discoloration from copper is.. Could he have the wrong size and it is too tight which is causing the irritation?
By James
June 22, 13
Verified Buyer
Silver Copper Bracelet
Great quality , good looking , fast shipping .
By david newman
January 30, 13
Verified Buyer
wide silver copper magnetic bracelet
i think it is a good looking bracelet, it fits good.i do get green color on my skin ,but washes of easily. i'm very pleased with product.
By Bill Vicars
January 17, 13
Verified Buyer
Wide Silver Magnetic Bracelet
It looks good, feels good and seems to be helping my arthritis. I don't think I have worn it long enough to get full benefit from it, but it appears to be doing what I needed.
By Jacob
August 30, 12
Verified Buyer
Wide silver magnetic bracelet
A classic and a winner.
By Janell
September 7, 11
Verified Buyer
Perfect for him
I bought this bracelet for my other half. It looks very nice on him. It matches my small one. Great look and great quality!!
By T Gleason
August 18, 11
Copper Magnetic Bracelet Silver Wide
I have had some results in the bracelet removing the pain in my hand, particularly my thumb.
By Kevin
February 8, 10
Verified Buyer
wide silver copper magnetic bracelet
The bracelet is very nice looking but it turned my wrist green. I wouldn't recommend it because no one would want their wrist to be green. Reply by MJS: This is a natural reaction that happens to some people due to the nature of real copper. It can be easily washed of with soap and water. It is believed that this shows your body is absorbing the copper which is needed mineral essential for human life. It can also be a sign of an unhealthy diet or too much stress in ones life. You may want to consider magnetic jewelry made of stainless steel or magnetic beads. We are glad to accept return or exchange.
By Ray Richardson
October 19, 09
magnetic bracelet
i ordered the wide silver copper magnetic bracelet a few weeks ago. i have been wearing it since the day that i got it in the mail! its a great looking and comfortable bracelet! im not sure if there really is any real health bennifits from the magnets or the copper but i really do love the bracelet!