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Wrist & Palm Magnetic Therapy Support Wrap

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This is a therapeutic wrist & palm magnetic support wrap. It has 12 - 900 gauss north facing anistropic permanent ferrite magnets in the wrap for a total of 10,800 gauss in the wrap. It also has 2 - very large optional 500 gauss magnets that you can put where you wish on the wrap. It is very easy to put on and take off with the closure wrap strap. You can wear this on either wrist.
By Gary Miller
May 11, 19
Verified Buyer
wrist and palm wrap
the contour of this product leaves something to be desire. fit is to loose for everyday, but works for sleeping.
By Shirley george
August 27, 18
Verified Buyer
it works!
This is the first \'wrap\' I have used. Actually I got it for my ankle instead of wrist. In the daytime I\'d wear just above the ankle and at night around the bottom of my foot. It is not uncomfortable and it works!!! I wore it about 10 or less days and have not thought to have it on the last few days.
By Cynthia Baker
August 12, 18
Verified Buyer
Makes a difference
I love the magnetic wrist brace. It actually makes a difference.
By Georgia L Coble
December 15, 17
Verified Buyer
Wrist and palm magnet braces
I love these braces. I have problems with carpal tunnel in my wrists and this really helps a lot. Thank you so much.
By Georgia L Coble
November 21, 17
Verified Buyer
Magnetic wrist braces
I love these wrist braces. I get so much relief from the magnets inside them and they help to stabilize my wrist as well. Thank you so much!
By Cjones
August 5, 16
Verified Buyer
Review Title
This product has been a lifesaver for my carpal tunnel syndrome. I have been wearing it a week now, and the pain is almost nothing unless I take it off. It's comfortable, fairly light, and not bulky. Very pleased.
By Eleanor Dickson
June 23, 16
Verified Buyer
Thank you!
I LOVE my double hematite magnetic bracelets. I have 4. I am 80 years old and have severe kidney disease and have been able to STOP ALL pain killers for arthritis due to wearing them and wear them all of the time except when my hands are in water. That includes when I am sleeping. I am a walking advertisement for them. Thank you!
By victoria white
June 22, 15
Verified Buyer
Review Title
really works great and i like that i am able to adjust it with ease. felt instant relief and the price is great, alot less than i would pay if bought at stores. very satisfied.
By Roberta Gilroy
September 29, 14
Verified Buyer
I was amazed at the comfort of it when I put it on, and how attractive it way. 5 stars!
By Roberta Gilfroy
September 28, 14
Verified Buyer
wrist and palm magnetic support wrap
I wear these wraps at night, over wrist stabalizing wraps. I am able to type much more flexibly the next day, and for longer periods of time, and more accurately. I have bought other wrist magnetic wraps but feel these are much stronger, and the benefits greater!
By Bob D.
August 12, 14
Verified Buyer
Mag. wrist support
Very pleased
By E. Devon Wilford-Said
February 14, 14
Verified Buyer
Very Good Product!
This is a very good product indeed! It feels so good on my wrist and also releases the stress level from my arm and wrist when typing. Plus the feel of the magnetic energy radiating up and down my wrist and arm feels wonderful! I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who works daily using their hands, wrist and fingers for hours at a time.
By Paula Pittard
February 12, 14
Verified Buyer
Wrist and palm magnetic support wrap
It is doing a great job of reducing the pain and the swelling of my thumb joint. I do not have to wear it all day. I start off with it in the early morning and wear it about an hour or two and then I am good to go!
By Marie Meade
January 24, 14
Verified Buyer
Review Title
I love them. I bought two even though the carpel tunnel is in my right wrist. It is amazing, finally the pain is less and less. I appreciate the awesome service and delivery. You are really a great company with fabulous delivery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I finally had a night of painless sleep. They are comfortable to wear and very easy to put on. Again, thank you.
By Anncat
April 8, 11
Verified Buyer
Review Title
Very happy with the product and this company. In therapy for broken wrist and use wrap at night. Getting better sleep with the wrap on! Thanks